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    8" Bench Grinder, 2/3 HP, 1.3A

    Best bench grinder for sale. Grinding wheel diameter 8 inch (200mm). Light-duty and heavy-duty for selection. Rated power 2/3 HP (500W). Optional power supply single-phase 220V 2.3A or 3-phase 380V 1.3A. No-load speed 2850 rpm. Ideal price, industrial/commercial/home use.
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    The bench grinder has a grinding wheel of 8 inch (200mm) diameter. It is a small bench grinding machine can be used on table. Grinding, polishing, milling tools, drill bits, metal, stone and so on.


    Model T-M3220 T-MD3220
    Rated Power 2/3 HP (500W)
    Type Light-duty, Heavy-duty Normal
    Rated Voltage 3-Phase 380V Single-Phase 220V
    RatedCurrent 1.3A 2.3A
    No-Load Speed 2850 rpm  
    Wheel Diameter 8 Inch (200mm)
    Wheel Thickness 20mm
    Wheel Hole Diameter 32mm
    Wheel Type brown corundum grinding wheel
    Work Quota 40%
    Temperature Rise 75℃
    Weight 18 kg (light-duty), 30 kg (heavy-duty) 18kg

    Bench Grinder Functions

    • Grinding tools: Grinding and polishing scissors and other tools.
    • Grinding drill bits: Grinding and dressing drill bits and mechanical parts.
    • Metal processing: Grinding, milling and polishing metal parts.
    • Stone tool processing: grinding and polishing stone tools.

    Application of 5 Inch Bench Grinder, 1/5 HP, 0.7A

    Bench Grinder Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of 8" Bench Grinder, 2/3 HP, 1.3A

    Tips: What to do if bench grinder motor does not rotate?

    • Bench grinder motor does not rotate, but there is electromagnetic sound.
    1. Starting capacitor is damaged.
    2. Phase failure of 3-phase power supply.
    3. Power switch is damaged.
    4. Bearing is stuck.
    5. Winding is burnt out.
    • Replace with a new capacitor.
    • Check and repair circuit.
    • Replace power switch.
    • Replace bearing.
    • Repair winding.
    • Bench grinder motor does not rotate and no electromagnetic sound.
    1. Power switch is damaged.
    2. Power supply is cut off or the site is out of power.
    3. Winding is burnt out.
    1. Replace power switch.2. Find a new power source.
    2. Find a new power source.
    3. Repair the winding.
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