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    10-Piece Diamond Needle File Set

    Bulk sale diamond needle files set at affordable price, includes 10-piece various shape of files, with selectable length 140mm, 160mm and 180mm. Adopting 45# steel with diamond grit plated, durable, hardened and wear-resistant, plastic handle for comfort grip, ideal diamond sharpening files for metal, steel, glass, jewelers, etc.
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    10 pieces diamond needle files come with 3 different sizes of 3*140mm, 4*160mm and 5*180mm in various file shapes including Round, Tapered Round, Half Round, Barrette, Crossing, Knife, Equaling, Warding, Square, Three Square. Made from superior high carbon steel, it provides high strength and durability. With diamond grit plated, the files are hardened, and wear-resistant. The diamond needle file set is suitable for sharpening metal, steel, glass, jewelers, and so on.


    Model T-FILE-N3140 T-FILE-N4160 T-FILE-N5180
    Size 3*140mm 4*160mm 5*180mm
    Overall Length 140mm 160mm 180mm
    Handle Diameter 3mm 4mm 5mm
    Material 45# steel
    Finish Diamond plated
    Set Weight 180g 200g 240g
    Set Included 10PCS Files: Round, Tapered Round, Half Round, Barrette, Crossing, Knife, Equaling, Warding, Square, Three Square

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    10-Piece Diamond Needle File Sharp


    10pcs Diamond Needle File Set Application

    Tips: Maintenance of files

    1. There are burrs on the teeth of the new file. If you use a new file to cut hard metals, the burrs will be worn off and the file will be blunt early. Therefore, you cannot file hard iron and steel with a new file.
    2. Do not use new files to polish the iron oxide or cast crust surface and unannealed hard steel parts. The iron oxide and cast crust must be ground off on the grinding wheel first. Only in unavoidable circumstances can the old file be used.
    3. Do not use the fine file to sharpen the soft metals (lead, tin, etc.), because the debris of soft metals is easy to be embedded in the grooves of the teeth, and the file will slip on the surface of the workpiece.
    4. Do not stack files together to avoid damage to the teeth.
    5. Do not make the file wet or place it in a damp place to prevent corrosion.
    6. When filing soft metal, the teeth of the file are often blocked by the debris. At this time, the debris layer can be brushed off with a brush. In order to avoid the teeth of the file being blunt by the brush, the wire brush should be brushed to the hooked side along the direction of the file teeth. If the large debris is embedded, it should be scraped off with a copper scraper, but it must be removed in the direction of the file tooth.

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    Scottg | 6/25/2021 2:20 AM
    Good file set, would buy again
    Just received these yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised. They are pretty good files for the price. I like to use them to polish metal, and the polishing work is very good. Good product, would buy again.