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    13-Piece File Set, Diamond File/Needle File/Wood Rasp

    13-piece file set for metel & wood comes with 12-piece files and a brush. Available with diamond files, needle files and wood rasps in size of 4*160mm, any two combinations can be selected, with high quality steel construction with heat-treated for increased hardness and durability, uniform and smooth cutting teeth, anti-slip handle for firm hold.
    SKU: T-FILE-13FS
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    Affordable price 13 piece file / rasp set for wholesale. The tool set includes 12pcs files, that is, any two combinations of 4*160mm diamond files, needle files and wood rasps, and a brush as well as a storage bag. Constructed with superior heat-treated steel, it provides extra hardness and durability, and with anti-slip soft grip handle, it makes the files more comfortable to use.


    Model T-FILE-13DN T-FILE-13DR T-FILE-13NR
    Size 4*160mm 4*160mm 4*160mm
    Overall Length 160mm 160mm 160mm
    Handle Diameter 4mm 4mm 4mm
    Material Steel
    Number of Pieces 13PCS
    Set Weight 339g 342g 350g
    Set Size 240*200mm 240*200mm 240*200mm
    Set Included 6pcs Diamond Files
    6pcs Needle Files
    1pcs Brush
    6pcs Diamond Files
    6pcs Wood Rasps
    1pcs Brush
    6pcs Needle Files
    6pcs Wood Rasps
    1pcs Brush

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    13pcs Needle Files and Wood Rasps Set

    13pcs Diamond Ffiles and Wood Rasps Set

    13pcs Needle Files and Wood Rasps Set

    Tips: The use method of the files

    1. According to the different geometric shapes and specific conditions of the workpiece, select the file and install the file into the handle. The depth of the file handle installation hole is approximately equal to the length of the file tong, and the diameter of the hole should allow the file tong to be freely inserted into the depth of 1/2.

    2. The workpiece is clamped, and the workpiece is clamped in the middle of the jaws of the bench vise, slightly higher than the jaws. When clamping the processed surface, use copper or zinc as the pad. For easily deformed work pieces, use auxiliary materials to help the clamping.

    3. The correct filing method includes the following three contents: the grip of the file, the use posture of the file, and the application of the filing force.

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    Nancy | 8/12/2021 2:08 AM
    Decent quality file set
    This tool has a good variety of types and is a good choice for me. The 13-Piece file set seems to be tough and durable. The quality of this file set was honestly much better than I expected. They cut smoothly and the handles are comfortable. Awesome file set!