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    12x24 Plant Growing Trays, 100 Pieces

    Wholesale price plant growing tray with 12*24 cells online is the first choice for substrate seedlings of various plants such as vegetables, flowers and trees. 0.7/ 0.8/ 0.9/ 1.0mm thicknesses are provided. The 6mm diameter holes at the bottom can prevent the roots from rot and death due to excessive moisture.
    SKU: T-XS288A
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    Buy 100pcs seed starting trays at cheap price. The holes are in a honeycomb shape and arranged in an orderly way. The 37mm deep holes make enough air in the matrix, which is conducive to aeration and leaching of salt, as well as root growth.


    Model T-XS288A
    Number of Cells 12*24
    Volume/ Hole 7cc
    Thickness (Selectable) 0.7/ 0.8/ 0.9/ 1.0mm
    Holes/ ㎡ 1900
    Bottom Hole Diameter 6mm
    Material PS
    Dimension 540*280*37mm


    Details of 12x24 cells plant growing trays

    Selectable Thickness

    Model Thickness (mm) Standard Quality ±5g Quantity (Piece/ Case) Package Weight (KG) Packing Size (cm) Material
    T-XS288A 0.7  109 150 17 50*29*55 PS
    0.8 125 125 16 50*29*55 PS
    0.9 140 120 17 55*29*55 PS
    1.0  155 100 16 50*29*55 PS


    Applications of seed trays

    Tips: Advantages of plant sprouting trays

    The garden seedling tray is an important garden tool in the seedling production process. The use of plant trays can save seed consumption and reduce production costs. Plants can emerge neatly and maintain the consistency of plant seedling growth in the plant sprouting trays. The seedlings cultivated with this technology will be no excess seedlings, not damage roots or lose water. The seed tray is a detachable root-controlling container, which is easier to transport, remotely carry, environmentally friendly, suitable for transplanting in four seasons and has a high plant survival rate.

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    Colin | 9/15/2021 9:04 AM
    Planting density of 12×24 plant planting tray
    Can this 12×24 plant planting tray have multiple seeds in one hole?
    A manager responded to this review
    Just plant one or two, don't plant too much.