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    5, 6 Inch Angle Grinder, 3500-9000 rpm, 6.5~13 Amp

    Electric angle grinder for sale. Variable speed 3500~9000 rpm, grinding wheel disk 5 inch (125mm) or 6 inch (150mm) for selection, power supply 13Amps for 110V, 6.5Amps for 220V. Competitive price, suitable for metal, concrete, stone, etc.
    SKU: T-AGGD-5661
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    Angle grinder is a small electric angle grinder with adjustable speed of 3500~9000 rpm. Grinding disk diameter is 5 inch 125mm or 6 inch 150mm (optional). Mini size and lightweight make the power tool portable, handheld operation. Grinding, cutting and polishing for wood, metal, stone and ceramic tile.


    Model T-CF-AG024
    Grinding Disk Diameter inch 5, 6
    mm 125, 150
    No-load Speed 3,500~9,000 rpm adjustable
    Voltage 110V/220V
    Frequency 50Hz~60Hz
    Rated Power 1,400W
    Rated Current* 110V 12.7A
    220V 6.4A
    Accessories 1 metal cutting wheel, 1 wrench, 1 handle, 1 carbon brush, 1 wheel guard
    Weight 2kg

    *Note: Rated current = Rated powerĂ·Rated voltage

    Angle Grinder Functions

    Functions of Angle Grinder

    • Metal grinding & polishing
    • Metal cutting
    • Concrete grinding & cutting
    • Concrete cutting
    • Stone cutting

    Angle Grinder Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of 5, 6 Inch Angle Grinder, 3500-9000 rpm, 6.5~13 Amps

    Tips: Angle grinder has strange sound and doesn't rotate or rotates very slowly. How to solve it?

    1. Switch contacts are burnt out. Repair or replace the switch of angle grinder.
    2. Mechanical part of the angle grinder is stuck. Check the mechanical parts.
    3. Grinding wheel is damaged. Replace the grinding wheel.
    4. Grinding disc hit the steel bar. Reselect working location for angle grinder.
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