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    7, 9 Inch Angle Grinder, 6500/8000 rpm, 11~21 Amp

    Reasonable price electric angle grinder for sale. Grinding disk diameter 7 inch (180mm) or 9 inch (230mm) for selection, optional no-load speed 6500/8000 rpm, power supply 21.4-Amp for 110V, 10.7-Amp for 220V. Hand-held, portable, high efficiency.
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    Grinding disk of the angle grinder is φ7 inch (180mm) or φ9 inch (230mm). It is the best handheld electric angle grinder, integrating grinding, polishing and cutting in a tool. Applicable materials are wood, metal, ceramic tile, etc.


    Model T-CF-AG018
    Grinding Disk Diameter inch 7, 9
    mm 180, 230
    No-load Speed 6500 rpm, 8000 rpm
    Voltage 110V/220V
    Frequency 50Hz~60Hz
    Rated Power 2,350W
    Rated Current* 110V 21.4A
    220V 10.7A
    Accessories 1 metal cutting wheel, 1 wrench, 1 handle, 1 carbon brush, 1 wheel guard
    Weight 3kg

    *Note: Rated current = Rated power÷Rated voltage

    Angle Grinder Functions

    • Metal cutting
    • Metal grinding & polishing
    • Ceramic tile cutting
    • Wood cutting
    • Wood grinding & cutting

    Angle Grinder Structure Diagram

    Structure of 7, 9 Inch Angle Grinder, 6500/8000 rpm, 11~21 Amps

    Grinding Wheel Installation for Angle Grinder

    1. Use a wrench to rotate the upper pressing sheet out.
    2. Put on the grinding wheel, and then install the upper pressing sheet.
    3. Tighten the upper pressing sheet clockwise with a wrench.

    Grinding Wheel Installation for Angle Grinder.

    Tips: Trouble shooting of angle grinder motor.

    Generally, angle grinders use universal motors. The motor has two carbon brushes and there is a commutator on rotor. The most easily burnt-out part of a universal motor is commutator and the end of rotor winding.

    1. If commutator of the angle grinder is burnt out, it is usually because of insufficient carbon brush pressure. When motor is working, if the current to be large continued, carbon brush will wear out quickly. As time goes by, carbon brush will become shorter, the pressure will become smaller, and contact resistance will become larger. At this time, commutator surface will become very hot.
    2. If winding part of the angle grinder is burnt out, it means that angle grinder puts a lot of pressure on workpiece when it is working, resulting in a lot of friction. Motor has been in an overload state for too long, but also because the current is too large.

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