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    12V Car Vacuum Cleaner, 4500Pa, 120W

    Handheld DC 12V car vacuum cleaner for sale, 4500Pa high vacuum degree, 35000rpm rated speed, 120W rated power and 4.5m cigar lighter cable ensures dry/wet rubbish sucking away in anywhere, two colors black and white for selection.
    SKU: T-CVCL-D1
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    Handheld car vacuum cleaner features 12VDC working voltage from car cigarette light, no need to wait for a full charging time 3 hours. The washable HEPA filter eliminate secondary pollution of cars by dust effectively.


    Model T-ST-2800C
    Shipping weight 0.9k
    Length 38cm
    Nozzle width 3.5cm
    Color Black, white
    Vacuum degree 4500Pa
    Working voltage 12V
    Rated power of motor 120W
    Rated speed of motor 35000rpm
    Cigarette light cable length 4.5m
    Working time Continuous working time can't exceed 30 minutes.
    Function Cleaning any dry/wet rubbish, such as crumbs, cigarette butts, cigarette ashes, dust, hair, granules, liquids, etc.
    Packing size 380*100*140mm
    Pack included 1 * vacuum cleaner
    1 * hose
    1 * nozzle set
    1 * HEPA filter (inside the cleaner)

    Tips: How to choose a car vacuum cleaner?
    For many car owners, the dust in the car is a headache. Especially in summer, frequently opening and closing of the car door will give opportunities for dust intrusion, and poor sealing performance will also cause the accumulation of dust in the car. Dust attached to the dashboard will affect the driver's reading of the parameters, attached to the windshield will also affect the driver's line of sight, and long-term accumulation of a large amount of dust in the cabin will increase the probability of people suffering from various diseases such as the respiratory tract.
    To clean the seats, instruments, and air-conditioning vents in the car, a car vacuum cleaner is required. To deal with stubborn dust attached to the roof and trunk, car owners can use a suction nozzle with a short-bristled brush to suck rubbish while brushing, and the effect is really good.
    Nowadays, there are many brands of vacuum cleaners in the auto supplies market. How to choose an appropriate car vacuum cleaner? According to the power of the car vacuum cleaner, it can be divided into three grades, power is greater than 300W or even more, 100-300 watts, and power is less than 100W.

    1. Car vacuum cleaners with a power of more than 300 watts not only have high requirements for power inverter, but also have high price.
    2. Car vacuum cleaner with 100-300 watt power has strong suction, its power greatly exceeds the traditional car vacuum cleaner, and the use effect is also more prominent. It is important that in this power range, car owners don't need an inverter. The car vacuum cleaner can be connected to the car cigarette lighter socket directly.
    3. There are many brands within 100 watts, which are more cheap and affordable. The only disadvantage is that the capacity of the dust canister is relatively small, which requires frequently stopping operation, taking off the dust canister and dumping rubbish.

    For most car users, vacuum cleaners are not as powerful as possible. The key is to suit your own car situation. If you only drive in the city, the road conditions are better and there is not much dust. Of course, a low-power vacuum cleaner is enough. However, if you often drive long distances, it is best to have a higher power vacuum cleaner.
    So we recommend our 20W/12V vacuum cleaner, which has high vacuum degree 4500Pa, cheap price, and a 4.5m cigarette lighter cable for the whole car clean.

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    Hamad | 12/21/2020 1:56 AM
    Very good car vacuum cleaner
    So far, I have used a car vacuum cleaner twice, and I think this vacuum cleaner is very easy to use. A few days ago, I received a follow-up email from the seller stating that the engine must be turned on when using the vacuum cleaner. I am very grateful to the sellers for their warm tips and will give them a five-star praise.