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    14 Piece Diesel Injector Puller Set

    Cheap 14 piece diesel injector puller set for wholesale, includes a slide hammer, a knob, 6 injector adapters, a ball-joint adatper, a 1/2" drive hex screw bit and 4 metric sockets (M25, M27, M29, M30), best for removal and replacement of DELPHI/ BOSCH/ DENSO/ Siemens diesel injectors.
    SKU: T-IJP-14PC
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    Portable diesel injector puller tool set is suitable for universal diesel injectors disassembly and replacement, such as diesel injectors of DELPHI, BOSCH, DENSO or Siemens. The ball-joint adapter is special desined for confined areas.


    Model T-ST8779
    Shipping weight 8.3kg
    Size 485*300*91mm
    Total number of pieces 14
    Material Aluminum alloy, chrome-vanadium steel
    Slide hammer Weight: 3.9kg
    Pole length: 400mm
    Injector adapter applicable engines M14*1.5 for DELPHI
    M17*1 for BOSCH
    M20*1 for DENSO
    M24*1 for Siemens
    M27*1 for Siemens
    M27*1 for BOSCH
    Socket size Length: 100mm
    Drive size: 1/2"
    Diameter: 25mm, 27mm, 29mm, 30mm
    Package included 1 * slide hammer with pole
    1 * knob
    1 * ball-joint adapter
    5 * injector adapters
    1 * injector adapter (external thread)
    1 * hex screw bit (1/2" drive size)
    4 * sockets (M25, M27, M29, M30)
    1 * tool box

    Tips: How to disassemble and replace the diesel injector?
    To replace the fuel injector by yourself, first prepare a complete diesel injector puller set, diagonal pliers, screwdriver and a bottle of rust remover or cleaner.

    1. First open the hood to expose the engine compartment.
    2. Remove the fixed screws under the throttle valve with a hex screw bit.
    3. Then remove the throttle valve and remove the fixed screws.
    4. Use the socket to remove the screws at the back.
    5. Remove the injectors in turn. Now the disassemble operation is finished.

    Clean the carbon deposits in the cylinder

    1. Use detergent to rinse and clean the diesel injectors, and clean the injector racks by the way.
    2. Replace a new injector rubber ring, and clean the throttle valve injectors.
    3. After the cleaning is completed, the cleaned diesel injectors, the throttle valve and the screws are all in reverse order (relative to the order of disassembly) to complete the replacement.
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    Sherene | 7/16/2021 8:40 AM
    need tools to work with diesel
    Pretty good tools and quite complete, safety is the first thing when using of diesel. We all need these diesel injector pulling tools to work with diesel engines.