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    16 Gauge 13/32" Medium Crown Air Stapler

    Heavy wire medium crown air stapler for sale at low price, suitable for 16 gauge in thickness, 13/32 inch crown staples. Working pressure 80 - 120 PSI, 1/4 inch air inlet, powered by air compressor, the pneumatic staple gun is ideal for upholstery, fencing, floor and wood frame.
    SKU: T-MCAS-16G
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    Heavy wire air stapler staple magazine is processed with harden treatment for a long life, featuring lightweight but strong strength and rapid air return. The pneumatic staple gun is used for fastening fence, wood frame, floor, wooden box and pallet. It is the best air tool for upholstery, horticulture, architecture, woodworking and other fields.


    Model T-MCAS-16G
    Staple Thickness 16 Gauge, 1.6mm * 1.4mm, (0.063") * (0.055")
    Staple Crown 13/32" (10.8mm)
    Staple Length 1" - 2" (25 - 51mm)
    Working Pressure 80 - 120 PSI (0.5 - 0.8 MPa)
    Load Capacity 70 PCS
    Air Inlet 1/4 inch
    Body Dimension 260 * 185 * 67mm
    Net Weight 4.4kg


    16 Gauge 13/32 inch Medium Crown Air Staple Gun Dimensions

    Tips: Air Stapler Troubleshooting

    Fault Cause Correction
    The trigger of the air stapler is air leakage The sleeve O-ring is damaged. Change the sleeve O-ring.
    The valve stem O-ring is damaged or there are foreign matters in it. Replace the valve O-ring or clean the foreign matters.
    The valve seat is damaged. Replace the valve seat.
    The nozzle of the pneumatic staple gun is air leakage. The cushion is damaged. Change the cushion.
    The air exhaust of the air staple gun is air leakage. The O-ring in the groove of the air cylinder cover is damaged. Change the O-ring.
    The rectangular ring of the shell gas port is missing. Install the rectangular ring.
    The O-ring in the outer of the air cylinder cover is damaged. Replace the O-ring.
    The rectangular ring on the top of the cylinder cover is damaged. Replace the rectangular ring.
    The pneumatic stapler has a low nailing frequency and nailing power lacking. The air stapler lacks of lubrication. Drop lubricating oil into the air joint.
    The air pressure is low. Adjust the air pressure appropriately.
    The balance valve spring is damaged. Change the balance valve spring.
    Air duct of the pneumatic staple gun is blocked. Clean and smooth the air duct.
    The air stapler appears such situations as stuck staples, no staplers out and double staplers. The spring in the staple outlet head is disable. Replace the spring.
    The staple outlet wears out or deforms. Replace the staple outlet.
    There are foreign matters in the staple outlet. Clean the staple outlet.
    The staple slot deforms. Change the staple slot.
    The tap pin is badly worn. Change the tap pin.
    The staple is driven over deep. The cushion is damaged. Replace the cushion.
    The air pressure powered by air compressor is too high. Lower the air pressure.
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    Eckhard | 12/22/2020 2:50 AM
    Good pneumatic nail gun
    Previously, our family bought a manual nail gun. Although it is very easy to use, it will inevitably hurt after working for too long. This pneumatic nail gun is different. It has a large working pressure and is powered by an air compressor. Very suitable for interior decoration, fences, floors and wooden structures.