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    18 Gauge 7/32" Narrow Crown Air Stapler

    Narrow crown air stapler for sale with wholesale price, accepts 18 gauge in thickness, 7/32 inch crown staples, air pressure 60 - 100 PSI, 1/4 inch air inlet, powered by air compressor, pneumatic staple gun is the best air tool for upholstery, fencing, hardwood floor and wood frame.
    SKU: T-NCAS-18G
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    Buy low price 18 gauge 7/32 inch narrow crown air stapler online now. Our medium wire narrow crown air stapler made from aluminum alloy has long time service. The mainly parts of the pneumatic staple gun adopt spring steel processed by machine, which are durable and reliable. It has such advantages as low air consumption, low noise, fast nailing, strong power and rapid air return.


    Model T-NCAS-18G
    Staple Thickness 18 Gauge, 1.25mm * 1.05mm, (0.05") * (0.04")
    Staple Crown 7/32" (5.7mm)
    Staple Length 3/4" - 1-9/16" (19 - 40mm)
    Working Pressure 60 - 100 PSI (0.4 - 0.7 Mpa)
    Load Capacity 100 PCS
    Air Inlet 1/4 inch
    Body Dimension 330 * 255 * 90mm
    Net Weight 2.2kg


    Insurance Frame: Bilateral insurance frames are designed for ensuring that the staple outlet will not punch staples out until it contacts with the product.
    Positioning Hook
    : 18 gauge air staple gun positioning hook processed by heat treatment helps you punch staples out accurately.
    Metal Air Outlet
    : Narrow crown pneumatic staple gun has a metal air outlet that is held in place by four large screws, which has long time service.
    Staple Magazine
    : The staple magazine of air staple gun is made from aluminum alloy allowing the air tool durable and lightweight.
    Staple Outlet
    : The staple outlet of the air stapler is durable and reliable due to it is made from high quality steel with heat treatment.

    Details of 18 Gauge 7/32 inch Narrow Crown Air Stapler


    Narrow crown pneumatic staple gun is mainly used for upholstery, furniture and woodworking, such as fastening sofa frame, wood case, wood pallet and hardwood floor.

    18 Gauge 7/32 inch Narrow Crown Air Stapler Application 1 18 Gauge 7/32 inch Narrow Crown Air Stapler Application 2

    Tips: Notices for Using an Air Stapler

    • Please wear a pair of safety goggles before you operate the 18 gauge narrow crown pneumatic staple gun.
    • Don’t use a high pressure air compressor, fuel gas and other flammable and explosive gas as the power source of air tools.
    • The 18 Gauge narrow crown air staple gun is just powered by air compressor, working pressure ranges from 0.4MPa to 0.7MPa.
    • Don’t aim the staple outlet of the pneumatic stapler to yourself or other people.
    • It is not allowed to press the trigger when you load staples, and you should remove remaining staples in the slot after you finish the fastening work, avoiding improper operation resulting in others injury.
    • Don’t use the air stapler close to the flammable and explosive. Don’t operate the pneumatic tool under severe dust environment.
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    Hitchabout | 1/27/2021 5:57 AM
    Good quality air stapler
    I tried it as soon as I received the goods and found it to be of good quality. I have always wanted to buy a air stapler, but it is too expensive to buy it in a physical store. I bought this air stapler at today, which is affordable and easy to operate. I am very satisfied with it.