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    22 Gauge 4/25" Narrow Crown Air Stapler

    Low price fine wire narrow crown air stapler for sale, drives 22 gauge in thickness, 4/25 inch crown staples to work. Working pressure 60 - 100 PSI, 1/4 inch air inlet, powered by air compressor, the pneumatic staple gun is the best air tool for upholstery, leather and fine wood.
    SKU: T-NCAS-22G
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    Best fine wire narrow crown air stapler drives 22 gauge in thickness, 45/25 inch crown, 4/25 inch to 1/2 inch length staples to work, helping you finish fastening work easily. The industrial pneumatic air staple gun is lightweight but professional, which has such advantages as low air consumption, low noise, fast nailing, strong power and rapid air return.


    • Industrial air staple gun drives staples fast and accurate, which is a high efficiency and time saving.
    • The pneumatic stapler adopts a durable metal firing pin, extending the air tool service life.
    • The narrow crown pneumatic staple gun is designed for ergonomic handle with soft rubber that is comfortable to hold and labor saving.
    • The internal structure of the air stapler is simple, thus it is convenient to maintain.


    Model T-NCAS-22G
    Staple Thickness 22 Gauge, 0.75mm * 0.58mm, (0.03") * (0.021")
    Staple Crown 4/25" (4.16mm)
    Staple Length 4/25" - 1/2" (4 - 14mm)
    Working Pressure 60 - 100 PSI (0.4 - 0.7 Mpa)
    Load Capacity 100 PCS
    Air Inlet 1/4 inch
    Body Dimension 145 * 207 * 50mm
    Net Weight 0.88kg


    22 Gauge Narrow Crown Air Stapler Dimensions


    22 gauge fine wire 4/25 inch narrow crown air stapler is a professional air tool applied to upholstery, furniture, woodworking and so on, such as fastening leather and sofa cloth, making shoes and fine wood decoration.

    Application of 22 Gauge Narrow Crown Air Stapler 1 Application of 22 Gauge Narrow Crown Air Stapler 2

    Tips: How to Maintain an Air Stapler

    1. Don’t press the trigger if there are no staples in the staple slot.
    2. Use a special oil to lubricate the pneumatic staple gun. It is better to fill 2 to 3 drops oil in the air connector.
    3. Check the air staple gun every day before use it. For example, drain the water from the air filter and the air compressor drain valve, clean the air filter, and tighten all of the screws of the air stapler.
    4. Grease the metal parts of the staple gun to prevent them from rusting if you don’t use it for a long time.
    5. The narrow crown pneumatic staple gun can’t be stored at a low temperature. It should be kept in a warm and dry place.

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    Maria | 4/1/2021 7:21 AM
    Questions about the nails of the 22 gauge 4/25 narrow crown air stapler
    Can this 22 gauge 4/25 narrow crown air stapler drive rusty nails?
    A manager responded to this review
    Yes, but it is best not to use rusty nails, because it may damage the air stapler.