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    23 Gauge Air Pin Nailer, 1/2" - 1"

    Cost-efficient air pin nailer for sale, accepts 23 gauge in thickness, 1/2" to 1" or 1/2" to 1 – 3/16" in length headless pin nails. Pneumatic pin nail gun powered by air compressor, air inlet 1/4 inch, working pressure 60 – 120 PSI, best for upholstery, handcraft, trim and baseboards.
    SKU: T-APN-23G
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    Best headless air pin nailer accepts 23 gauge in thickness, 1/2" to 1" or 1/2" to 1 – 3/16" in length pin nails for fastening work. The air pinner has such advantages as low air consumption, low noise, fast nailing, strong power and rapid air return. The body of the pneumatic pin nail gun is made from durable aluminum alloy and the internal mainly parts adopts high quality spring steel polished by machining center, therefore, our air tools are reliable. Air pin nail guns have many uses, such as upholstery, handcraft, trim, baseboards and other fine woodworking.


    Model T-APN-23A T-APN-23B
    Nail Thickness 23 Gauge, 0.63mm 23 Gauge, 0.63mm
    Nail Length 1/2" - 1" (12 - 25mm) 1/2" - 1-3/16" (12 - 30mm)
    Working Pressure 60 - 120 PSI (0.4 - 0.8 Mpa) 60 - 120 PSI (0.4 - 0.8 Mpa)
    Load Capacity 100 PCS 100 PCS
    Air Inlet 1/4 inch 1/4 inch
    Body Dimension 290 * 160 * 58mm 290 * 160 * 58mm
    Net Weight 1.1kg 1.1kg


    Trigger Insurance Frame: Trigger insurance frames are designed for ensuring that the nail outlet will not punch pin nails out until it contacts with the product.
    Positioning Hook: 23 gauge air pin nail gun positioning hook processed by heat treatment helps you punch headless nails out accurately.
    Metal Air Outlet: The pneumatic pin nail gun has a metal air outlet that is held in place by four large screws, which has long time service.
    Nail Magazine: The nail magazine of air pin nail gun is made from aluminum alloy allowing the air tool durable and lightweight.
    Nail Outlet: The pin nail outlet of the air powered pin nailer is durable and reliable due to it is made from high quality steel with heat treatment.

    23 Gauge Air Pin Nail Gun 1/2 inch - 1 inch Detail


    23 Gauge Air Pin Nailer 1/2 inch - 1 inch Application

    Tips: What is a 23 Gauge Air Pin Nailer?

    23 gauge air pin nailer is an air tool require compressed air to work. It can used for upholstery, handcraft, trim and baseboard among other things. The pneumatic pin nail gun accepts 23 gauge headless nails than thinner and smaller than brad nails that will not leave any visible nail holes. The fine headless pin nails will not split wood no matter you work for regular size wood pieces or trim small furniture. Therefore, air pin nail gun is the best air tool for install tiny decorations and furniture.

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    Logan | 1/25/2021 2:35 AM
    Rugged pneumatic nail gun
    I just received the pneumatic nail gun and can't wait to use it. It is under a lot of work pressure and is most suitable for interior decoration, handwork, skirting, and other fine woodwork. It can nail thick objects with fast nailing speed and high power.