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    1/4-in Drive 2-14Nm Torque Wrench Set for Bikes

    Cheap 1/4-in pre-set torque wrench with calibrated precision +/- 4%, torque range 2-14Nm, made from durable chrome vanadium steel, ergonomic soft handle, click-type reversible torque wrench for simple and convenient use. With common sizes of hex and torx socket bits included, torque wrench set is best for bikes, motorcycle, etc.
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    • Best price 1/4-in. precision torque wrench for sale, comes with calibrated accuracy +/- 4% according to ISO6789-2003.
    • Preset torque wrench provides torque range from 2-14Nm with 0.1Nm increments.
    • High quality CR-V steel cosntruction and ergonomic TPR soft handle, light weight, high durablity and comfortable grip.
    • Click-type torque wrench will emit a click sound when the preset value is reached, simple and reliable to operate.
    • Reversible torque wrench with quick-release ratchet head drives in both CW and CCW directions, making it easy to use in resitricted spaces.
    • The 1/4" torque wrench set is equipped with common socket bits: Hex 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and Torx T25, T30.
    • Mainly applicable for bicycles, motorcycle and so on.


    Model T-CSC-14 T-CSC-14S
    Torque Range 2-14Nm
    Torque Increments 0.1Nm
    Square Drive Size 1/4 inch
    Accuracy ±4%
    Material Chrome vanadium steel
    Overall Length 220mm
    Weight 0.6kg 0.65kg
    Package Size 226*88*61mm
    Package Included ① 2-14Nm torque wrench * 1
    ② Plastic case * 1
    ① 2-14Nm torque wrench * 1
    ② Hex sockets: 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
    Torx sockets: T25, T30
    ③ Plastic case * 1

    Package Included

    1/4 inch 2-14Nm Torque Wrench Package

    1/4" 2-14Nm Torque Wrench Bit Sizes

    Torque Wrench Size

    2-14Nm Torque Wrench Size

    Tips: Maintenance of torque wrench

    1. The torque wrench needs to be calibrated regularly. It depends on the frequency of use, usually once a year. There are two calibration methods: one is to send it to the national metrology department for professional testing and calibration, and a measurement report can be issued. The second is to purchase a professional torque wrench calibration instrument by yourself, and you can calibrate it yourself if the accuracy of the calibration instrument is ensured.
    2. Pay attention to the torque range during use. Don’t knock it as a hammer. Torque wrench is a precision instrument and needs to be handled gently.

    As for maintenance:

    • After using the torque wrench, the torque value must be adjusted to the minimum value.
    • Please do "preload" before using the torque wrench.
    • Do not "overload" the torque wrench.
    • Do not use non-original extension rods.
    • Do not use the torque wrench as other tools.
    • Please keep the torque wrench clean and complete.
    • Please check the torque wrench regularly.
    • The screw removal torque value is about 1.5 times the tightening torque value.
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