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    Adjustable Wrench, 15"/18"/24"

    Favorable price large adjustable wrench for sale, 15 inch (375mm), 18 inch (450mm) and 24 inch (600mm) for option, heat-treated high carbon steel construction for maximum strength and durability, fine chrome plated finish for rust resistance, precision laser-etched size markings, best adjustable spanner for long-lasting performance.
    SKU: T-WR-AW1524
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    • Wholesale large adjustable wrench, selectable sizes 375mm (15-in), 450mm (18-in) and 600mm (24-in).
    • High-grade heat-treated carbon steel structure, high hardness and good durability.
    • Designed with chrome plated finish, providing the protection from rust and corrosion.
    • Laser-etched sizes on the wrench and slide jaw with worm gear provide precision and smooth jaw adjustment to fit the fastener size in Metric.
    • Adjustable spanners are widely applied for plumbing, automotive, bicycles, mechanical repairs & maintenance.


    Model T-HDBS-1524
    Sizes 15 inch 18 inch 24 inch
    Overall Length 375mm 450mm 600mm
    Weight 1kg 2kg 4kg
    Material High Carbon Steel
    Finish Chrome plated

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    Adjustable Wrench 15-24 inch Applications

    Tips: How to use an adjustable wrench properly?

    Adjustable spanner is suitable for bolts and nuts with irregular size. It can adjust the opening size arbitrarily within a certain range. An adjustable wrench can be used in place of multiple open end wrenches. The adjustable spanner is mainly used for fastening and disassembling pipe fittings with square head or hexagon head thread.

    In theory, the adjustable spanner should be used according to the regulations, but in fact, due to the limitation of conditions, we can use the spanner as long as the spanner can be stuck on the opening. The following is the usage method of the adjustable wrench.

    Fix the symmetrical polygonal workpiece with parallel fixed jaws and slide jaws, and loosen or tighten the workpiece by rotating the grip handle to the direction of the slide jaw. When in use, the slide jaw of the adjustable wrench should bear the thrust and the fixed jaw should bear the tension. Only by applying force in this way can the fixed pin, nut and wrench itself be protected from damage. If the wrench is not turned in this way, the pressure on the adjusting worm will cause the jaws opening to widen during the application of force, which will damage the corners of the bolt and nut and the wrench itself.

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    Wayne | 9/22/2021 7:48 AM
    Good quality and sturdy
    I need wrenches everywhere I reach my hand, so these are perfect! Rugged enough to not be a disappointment and cheap enough to have in many places. They work great and are of decent quality. I have no issues and would purchase them again.
    Judy | 8/13/2021 9:34 AM
    Excellent quality
    It's a big wrench and just what I wanted. I am addicted to the function that it can adjust the opening size arbitrarily within a certain range, which can fit screws of different sizes. I was really surprised at the quality of the price. It's rustproof and durable. Perfect for my repair work.