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    Open End Ratcheting Combination Wrench, 8mm/9mm/10mm to 21mm

    Buy Open End Ratcheting Combination Wrench, a wide selection of Metric sizes from 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm to 21mm, made from forged chrome vanadium steel with durability and hardness, chrome plated for rust resistance and long lasting, 72-tooth ratchet gear with only 5 degree to move fasteners, best for home and auto repairs.
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    • Low price Open End Ratcheting Combination Wrench, selectable Metric sizes 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm to 21mm.
    • Drop forged chrome vanadium steel construction for increased and hardness and durability.
    • Nickel chrome plated for rust and corrosion resistance, long lasting performance.
    • 72 teeth ratchet gear needs only 5 degree of working swing arc to move fasteners, ideal wrench to used in tight spaces.
    • Widely used for bicycles, automobiles, machinery, pipes, home repairs.


    Model T-KKJL-0822
    Material Chrome vanadium steel (CR-V)
    Finish Chrome plated
    Measure Type Metric
    Size (Optional) 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 21mm
    Weight See below


    Wrench Size Open End Thickness/Width Ratcheting End Thickness/Width Overall Length Weight
    8mm 4.7/20mm 6.9/19.5mm 142mm 36g
    9mm 5.5/20mm 6.9/19.5mm 150mm 39g
    10mm 6.0/23mm 7.8/21.5mm 160mm 58g
    11mm 6.5/25mm 8.0/23.0mm 166mm 70g
    12mm 7.0/27mm 8.5/25.0mm 174mm 87g
    13mm 7.5/27mm 8.5/25.0mm 178mm 92g
    14mm 8.0/32mm 9.5/28.0mm 190mm 112g
    15mm 8.0/32mm 10.0/30.0mm 198mm 126g
    16mm 9.0/34mm 10.0/32.0mm 208mm 161g
    17mm 9.0/37mm 11.0/35.0mm 225mm 195g
    19mm 9.0/40mm 11.0/35.0mm 247mm 220g
    21mm 10/45mm 13.0/42.0mm 290mm 389g

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    Ratcheting open end wrench applications

    Tips: How to use an open end wrench?

    When using the open end wrench, first put the spanner opening onto the two opposite faces of the bolt or nut hexagon head to ensure that the spanner and the bolt are fully matched before applying the force. When applying the force, push the connection between the open spanner and the bolt with one hand, and make sure that the spanner and the bolt are fully matched, then put the thumb against the spanner with the other hand, and grasp the handle part of the spanner with the other four fingers and pull the spanner around. When the bolts and nuts have been pressed to the limit, remove the wrench and repeat the previous procedure.

    When fastening the adjustment bolts of fuel pipe and air conditioning pipe, it is necessary to tighten with two open end wrenches to prevent the parts from turning relative to each other, with one wrench to fix one end of the bolts and another wrench to tighten or remove the other end of the bolts.

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    Seamus | 8/4/2021 8:16 AM
    Perfect for what I need
    On time and as good as advertised. Perfect for what I need. Good quality set at a great price. I’ve put mine through many tough jobs and they keep performing great. I will order more.