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    1/4-in Drive 2-24Nm Torque Wrench Set for Bikes

    Buy best preset torque wrench set for bikes/motorcycle, available with 11 pieces and 15 pieces for choice. 1/4 inch drive click-type torque wrench with accuracy +/- 4%, torque range from 2 Nm to 24Nm, high quality steel construction, light weight and high durability, soft-grip handle for comfort at work.
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    • Precision torque wrench set for sale, 1/4-inch square drive head, +/- 4% accuracy.
    • Torque range from 2N.m - 24N.m with 0.2N.m increments.
    • Made from superior steel alloy with comfortable TPR handle, the torque wrench features light, compact and durable.
    • Click-type torque wrench will sound a click when preset value is reached, simple and reliable to operate.
    • Reversible torque wrench drives in both CW and CCW directions, making it easy to use in resitricted spaces.
    • Torque wrench set comes with 11 pieces or 15 pieces, ideal hand tool kit for bicycles, motorcycle and so on.


    Model T-CSC-24S (11pcs) T-CSC-24S (15pcs)
    Torque Range 2-24Nm
    Torque Increments 0.2Nm
    Square Drive Size 1/4 inch
    Accuracy ±4%
    Material CR-V, S2 etc.
    Size 255*85*60mm
    Weight 0.75kg 0.8kg
    Package Included
    (See below Fig.)
    11 Pieces:
    ① 2-24Nm torque wrench * 1
    ② Hex bits (L=25mm): 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
    Torx bits (L=25mm): T20, T25, T30
    ③ Long hex bit (L=75mm): 5mm
    15 Pieces:
    ① 2-24Nm torque wrench * 1
    ② 100mm Extention bar * 1
    ③ Hex bits (L=25mm): 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
    Torx bits (L=25mm): T25, T30
    Phillips bit (L=25mm): PH2
    ④ Adapter 1/4" square to 1/4" hex
    ⑤ Adapter 1/4" square to 3/8" square

    Package Included

    • 11 Pieces Torque Wrench Set

    11pcs 1/4 Inch Torque Wrench Set

    11pcs 1/4 Inch Torque Wrench Set Hex Bits

    11pcs 1/4 Inch Torque Wrench Set Torx Bits

    • 15 Pieces Torque Wrench Set

    15 Pieces 2-24Nm Torque Wrench Set

    15 Pieces 2-24Nm Torque Wrench Set Bits

    15 Pieces 2-24Nm Torque Wrench Set Bits and Adapters

    Tips: Notes for use of torque wrenches

    1. Torque wrenches are precision mechanical instruments. Take much care in operation. Do not apply the force suddenly to cause the internal mechanism failure.

    2. Do not use the torque wrench as a hammer. Handle it lightly and do not throw it.

    3. It cannot be disassembled at will. After replacing the components, it shall be sent to the calibration group for calibration to confirm whether its functions meet the requirements.

    4. Do not work beyond the range, and stop applying force when the set point is reached and the clicking sound is heard.

    5. Do not use foreign matter to block, glue, fix torque adjusting sleeve or handle.

    6. Torque should be adjusted according to PIE or IPQC instructions when in use. The operator should confirm the torque value before it can be used.

    7. The one-way torque wrenches should not be used in both directions, and the torque meter cannot be used to loosen nuts

    8. Before using the torque instrument, confirm whether the torque value is suitable and whether the torque unit is correct.

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    Laurie | 3/23/2021 5:56 AM
    2-24Nm torque wrench is easy to use
    I am a bicycle repair shop. This 2-24Nm torque wrench is easy to use. It is the best tool for my repairs. It meets all my needs when repairing. It is recommended to dealers who repair bicycles and motorcycles.