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    5 Gallons Garden Backpack Sprayer

    20L electric water sprayer with lower price. PP PE material, 2m hose, 72cm nozzle mast, 29-72 psi working pressure. The water mist flow can be adjusted to adapt to a variety of spray needs, which is convenient and practical. Designed with pulleys, you can easily pull the barrel pump full of liquid.
    SKU: T-SXMD20E
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    Cost-effective electric garden backpack sprayer. 12V 8Ah battery, can be used continuously for 5 hours. Compatible with most fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides, is a good choice for the farmer, homeowner and professional.


    Model T-SXMD20E
    Capacity 20L/ 5 gal
    Material PP PE
    Length of Hose 200cm
    Length of Nozzle Mast 72cm
    Working Pressure 29-72 psi
    Battery 12V 8Ah
    Packing Size 375mm*310mm*580mm
    Weight 9.1kg
    Package Included

    1*5 Gallons Garden Backpack Sprayer

    1*2m Hose

    1*72cm Nozzle Mast

    1*Conical Single Nozzle

    1*Conical Double Nozzle

    1*Fan-shaped Single Nozzle

    1*Porous Nirect Nozzle

    Seal Rings



    4 nozzles of backpack sprayer


    Installation of backpack sprayer

    Tips: Using tips of garden backpack sprayer

    1. When using a garden backpack sprayer, be sure to stand downwind or start when there is no wind. Because the garden pressure sprayer has a wide range of spraying, the walking route should be separated by a certain distance.
    2. When spraying the medicine in summer, go there when the sun is not hot. Exposure to the hot sun is prone to heatstroke and the physic liquor is volatile, which is harmful to the user.
    3. Clean the spray hole frequently, the spray hole will be blocked by the medicine after a long time.
    4. Please read the instructions carefully before using the pump sprayer for the first time. When using, try it with clean water before loading the physic liquor.
    5. The liquid level of the liquid medicine cannot exceed the safe water level.
    6. When spraying the liquid medicine for the first time, since the air chamber and the spray bar of the sprayer contain clean water, the concentration of the physic liquor sprayed in the first 2-3 minutes is low. In order to avoid affecting the insect control effect, please respray appropriately.
    7. After the garden sprayer finished working, you need to pour out the remaining liquid in the barrel, wash the pump with clean water and dry it.
    8. When not in use for a long time, the garden pump sprayer should be washed and dried and stored in a cool place.
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    Sammy | 10/21/2021 8:53 AM
    Recommend everyone to buy a 5 gallon garden backpack sprayer
    I was also entangled before buying this 5 gallon garden backpack sprayer, worried about buying bad quality products. But after the explanation of the technicians, I dispelled this doubt. I have used it for a long time after I bought it, and the effect is very good. I recommend you to buy it.