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    20 Inch Slide Hammer Dent Puller with M16 Socket/Hook

    20 inch slide hammer dent puller equips a M16 socket and a M16 hook, total weight 2.6kg, stainless steel material, suitable for all types of tabs, such as round tab, elliptic tab, long tab or tab with ring.
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    Slide hammer dent puller is one of the paintless dent repair tool. When equipped with socket and round tab, it can be used to pull small dent. When equipped with hook and ring, it can be used to pull large dent or irregular dent.


    Model T-PDR-SHDP1
    Weight 2.6kg
    Length Slide hammer with M16 socket: 52.8cm (20-3/4")
    Slide hammer with M16 hook: 62cm (24-1/2")
    Material Stainless steel
    Applicable type of tab All types of tabs

    Tips: Slide hammer dent puller principle
    The role of the slide hammer dent puller is to repair small damage on the sheet metal, which is equivalent to the role of the crowbar in our manual repair. Its working principle is that when the sliding hammer is slided up, a pulling force is generated to pull the dent area on the car body outward, so as to achieve the effect of pulling the dent area to a flat position. This is the most commonly used and most effective way to repair automobile sheet metal.

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