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    Paintless Dent Puller Tab, Blue/Red Color

    Low-cost plastic tabs specifically for auto paintless dent removal, blue/red color, various size for selection, round tab size Φ41mm, Φ24mm, Φ15mm, Φ15.6mm, Φ20.6mm or Φ25.5mm, oval tab size 48*34mm, 41*29mm, 25*12mm, 39.2*24.4mm or 29.2*19.6mm.
    SKU: T-PDR-T
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    Paintless dent puller tab should be used with dent puller and hot glue. According to the dent shape and size, choosing the best fit tab for automotive repair.


    Model T-PDR-T
    Size * Φ41mm48*34mm, 41*29mm, 25*12mm, , Φ24mm, Φ15mm
    Φ15.6mm, Φ20.6mm, Φ25.5mm, 39.2*24.4mm, 29.2*19.6mm
    Color * Blue, red
    Material Plastic
    Applicable type of dent Smooth and small dents, such as hail dents

    Tips: How to make the plastic tab stick firmly to the car body?
    The plastic tab needs to be glued to the dent position on the car body with hot glue. The viscosity of hot glue is related to temperature. There are two ways to make the glue stronger:

    1. After the tab is fully wiped with hot glue, use a lighter to bake the hot glue and stick tab to the car dent immediately. Wait 5 minutes before pulling operation.
    2. Use a hair dryer to heat the sheet metal or heat it with boiling water on the surface of the car dent to keep the sheet metal with heat. And then immediately stick the glued tab to the dent. Five minutes later, perform the pulling operation.

    Because the hot glue will solidify quickly, the action must be fast during operation. In addition, the glue that is dripped by glue gun has the strongest viscous. However, when you can't find power supply for the glue gun, you can burn the glue stick with a lighter directly.

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