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    7-1/2 Inch Glue Dent Puller

    Glue dent puller features 19cm (7-1/2") length, 0.6kg net weight, stainless steel material, special design for auto paintless dent removal, manufacturer direct sale.
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    7-1/2" glue dent puller consists of a spring clamp, a adjustable base and a socket on the bottom. The car body can be repaired quickly by pulling the tab stuck on the car dent. Therefore, only purchasing a glue dent puller will not enough. We recommend that you also purchase a tab suitable for the dent size.


    Model T-PDR-GDP1
    Weight 0.6kg
    Length 19cm (7-1/2")
    Material Stainless steel
    Applicable type of glue tab All types of glue tabs

    Tips: How to use the glue dent puller?

    1. Clean the dent area.
    2. Apply hot glue to the bottom of the plastic tab, and then stick it onto the dent area.
    3. After the hot glue cools, the tab is fixed on the dent firmly.
    4. Put the puller socket on the head of the tab, adjust the opening distance of the base, and then press the handle of the spring clamp. The tab and dent will be pulled up together. Pay attention to the operating pressure and height.
    5. After pressing several times, the dent will slowly return to its original position until the dent disappears.
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