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    10L/20L 2000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer

    Laboratory overhead stirrer with optional LCD digital. Maximum stirring volume 10L or 20L for selection, variable speed 100-2000 rpm, rated power 80W/210W, maximum stirring viscosity 10000/30000mPas, clamping chuck diameter 0.5-10mm. Mixing liquid, reagent, paint, etc. Low price.
    SKU: T-LOS-10202
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    The digital overhead stirrer is an electric laboratory mixer, suitable for beaker or other container with maximum volume of 10L/20L. Stirring materials are liquid-liquid or liquid-solid (powder), including reagent, dye, paint, coating, etc.


    Model T-OSC-10L T-OSC-20L T-OS-10L
    Max. Stirring Volume 10L 20L 10L
    Motor Input Power 72W 200W 72W
    Motor Output Power 60W 180W 60W
    Rated Power 80W 210W 80W
    Display LCD Digital Display LCD Digital Display -
    Speed Display Resolution ±1 rpm ±1 rpm -
    Maximum Torque
    Maximum Viscosity 10000mPas 30000mPas 10000mPas
    Rated Voltage 100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Speed 100-2000 rpm
    Speed Increment/Decrement 20 rpm
    Clamping Chuck Diameter 0.5-10mm
    DIN EN60529 Protection Mode IP42
    Allowable Ambient Temperature 5-40℃
    Allowable Ambient Humidity 80%
    Timing Range 0-999min
    Overall Size 200*315*600mm
    Weight 9kg
    Attachment Non-slip base, cross bracket, condensation clamp, wrench, stainless steel bracket, 2-blade stirring paddle, 3-blade stirring paddle


    • The laboratory overhead stirrer uses a DC permanent magnet motor, which has strong power and can work continuously for a long time, with low noise, large torque, large stirring force and stable operation.
    • Speed regulation and timing function. The control panel can control the stirring time and mixing speed.
    • Stirring paddle of the laboratory digital overhead stirrer is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and is acid and alkali resistant. Machine shell is made of ABS high-strength plastic, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

    Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer Structure Diagram

    Structure of 10L/20L 2000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer

    Panel Diagram of 10L/20L 2000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer

    Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer Attachment

    Attachments of 10L/20L 2000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer

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    Robb | 11/29/2021 6:12 AM
    2000rpm laboratory digital overhead stirrer meets experimental needs
    This 10L/20L laboratory digital overhead stirrer is bought and used in the unit laboratory. The overhead stirrer is easy to operate, simple to use, stable and uniform, and the temperature control effect is also very good. It can meet the needs of daily experiments. Thanks for letting me purchase this 2000rpm digital overhead stirrer.