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    20L~60L 2000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer

    Affordable price laboratory overhead stirrer for sale, optional digital display. Maximum stirring volume 20L/40L/60L for selection, corresponding rated power 72W/120W/192W, maximum stirring viscosity 10000/30000/50000mPas, stepless variable speed 100-2000 rpm, power supply 100-240V.
    SKU: T-LOS-20602
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    Laboratory overhead stirrer is an electric laboratory mixer with LED digital display for selection. Stirring liquid-liquid or liquid-solid (powder) with low, medium and high viscosity. Applicable materials include reagent, dye, paint, coating and others.


    Model T-ES-60SH T-ES-60 T-ES-120SH T-ES-120 T-ES-200SH T-ES-200
    Max. Stirring Volume 20L 40L 60L
    Digital Display LCD - LCD - LCD -
    Recommended Stirring Amount 5L 10L 15L
    Speed 100-2000 rpm 100-2000 rpm 100-2000 rpm
    Motor Input Power 72W 120W 200W
    Motor Output Power 60W 100W 150W
    Rated Power 72W 120W 192W
    Maximum Viscosity 10,000mPas 30,000mPas 50,000mPas
    Maximum Torque
    Speed Display Resolution ±10 rpm - ±10 rpm - ±10 rpm -
    Rated Voltage 100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Speed Increment/Decrement 10 rpm
    Clamping Chuck Diameter 0.5-10mm
    DIN EN60529 Protection Mode IP42
    Allowable Ambient Temperature 5-40℃
    Allowable Ambient Humidity 80%
    Overall Size 160*230*600mm 200*315*600mm 200*315*600mm
    Weight 9kg 10kg 12kg


    • Laboratory digital overhead stirrer adopts DC permanent magnet motor, which is low noise and maintenance-free. Starts smoothly, effectively preventing the stirring material from overflowing.
    • The torque can be automatically adjusted according to the sample viscosity, and the set speed can be maintained.
    • Automatically stop running when overloaded, and automatically switch the circuit when encountering abnormal conditions to ensure safe operation.
    • Digital overhead stirrer has a color LED,displaying the set value and actual value of the speed, which is convenient for real-time observation and ensures the accuracy of experimental data.

    Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer Structure Diagram

    Structure of 20L~60L 3000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer

    Note: The beaker in the diagram is not included in packing list, it is only for display effect.

    Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer Details

    Digital LCD of 20L~60L 3000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer Knob of 20L~60L 3000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer
    Digital LED display
    Digital display of speed set value and actual value, real-time observation of running time.
    The overhead stirrer without digital display is controlled by the knob.
    100-2000 rpm is adjustable, no timing and digital display, quick and simple operation.
    Fixing Clamp of 20L~60L 3000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer Stirring Paddle of 20L~60L 3000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer
    Motor fixing clip/beaker fixing clip
    Prevent the laboratory overhead stirrer from shaking during operation. Fix the beaker to prevent shaking.
    Stirring paddle
    The stirring paddle is made of stainless steel. Standard configuration is a 2-blade stirring paddle.
    Chuck of 20L~60L 3000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer Base of 20L~60L 3000 rpm Laboratory Digital Overhead Stirrer
    Hand-tight chuck
    Manual tightening, good tightening effect, clamping range 0.5-10mm.
    Cast iron base
    Surface of the base is painted, rust-proof and aggravated, with high stability.


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    Josafat | 12/1/2021 7:32 AM
    I want to ask a question about the 2000rpm laboratory digital overhead stirrer
    I will use our company's credit card to buy this 2000rpm laboratory digital overhead stirrer on your website. But for me, it is important to issue invoices with the correct data (my company data).
    A manager responded to this review
    Yes, we will issue an invoice in the company data after you place the order.