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    5L~30L 3000 rpm Laboratory Overhead Stirrer

    Economic price laboratory overhead stirrer for sale. Optional stirring volume 3L/5L/8L/15L/20L/30L, corresponding output power 90W/120W/200W/300W/500W/1000W, rotation speed 100-3000 rpm, maximum stirring viscosity 10000mPas, rated voltage 220V.
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    laboratory overhead stirrer is an electric overhead mixer, suitable for liquid-liquid mixing and emulsification, and liquid-solid (powder) dispersion and slurrying. It is the best experimental instrument for chemistry experiments, scientific research, product development and production. It is widely used in scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, health and epidemic prevention, and product manufacturing industries.


    Model JB90-SH JB120-SH JB200-SH JB300-SH JB500-SH JB1000-SH
    Max. Stirring Volume 3L 5L 8L 15L 20L 30L
    Recommended Stirring Amount 500mL 800mL 1500mL 2500mL 4000mL 7000mL
    Output Power 90W 120W 200W 300W 500W 1000W
    Speed 100-3000 rpm
    Rated Voltage 220V
    Maximum Viscosity 10000mPas
    Stirring Rod Size diameter 8*300mm
    Overall Size 350*250*710mm 350*250*710mm 350*250*710mm 410*290*735mm 495*350*820mm 495*350*820mm
    Weight 14kg 14kg 15kg 15kg 21kg 22kg


    • The laboratory overhead stirrer uses a micro motor, with a high-density die-cast aluminum alloy shell, high output power and stable operation.
    • Laboratory overhead stirrer adopts electronic speed control circuit, digital LED directly display the rotating shaft speed.
    • The open-type stand expands the selectivity of stirring medium containers (such as beakers). Adjustable stirring rod chuck, easy to install and disassemble.
    • The laboratory overhead stirrer can working continuously for a long time, making the experiment operation more convenient.

    Laboratory Overhead Stirrer Structure Diagram

    Structure of 5L~30L 3000 rpm Laboratory Overhead Stirrer

    Laboratory Overhead Stirrer Details

    Panel of 5L~30L 3000 rpm Laboratory Overhead Stirrer AC Motor of 5L~30L 3000 rpm Laboratory Overhead Stirrer Chuck of 5L~30L 3000 rpm Laboratory Overhead Stirrer
    Control panel
    Digital display controller, clear display, convenient and simple operation.
    AC motor
    High speed, high torque and durable.
    High quality alloy chuck
    Self-locking chuck. Easily fix the stirring rod and prevent it from falling off.
    Stirring Rod of 5L~30L 3000 rpm Laboratory Overhead Stirrer Adjustable Base of 5L~30L 3000 rpm Laboratory Overhead Stirrer Iron Base of 5L~30L 3000 rpm Laboratory Overhead Stirrer
    Stainless steel stirring rod
    The stirring rod is made of stainless steel.
    The base can be adjusted horizontally
    Horizontal position of the laboratory overhead stirrer can be adjusted according to requirements.
    Thickened iron base
    One-piece molding, corrosion-resistant, stable and safe.
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    Andeeg | 10/14/2021 9:15 AM
    Excellent 3000 rpm laboratory overhead stirrer
    I ordered the 5L-30L overhead stirrer for a small lab atmosphere. Its base is very stable and will not collapse when we stir. So far it has worked well without any problems.