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    4.5Amp 3 x 21 Inch Belt Sander

    Low price belt sander for sale. Sanding belt size 3 x 21 inch (76 x 533mm), no load speed 380 rpm, motor power 1000W, power supply 220V 4.5Amp. Small handheld electric belt sander, portable use, sanding and polishing wood/metal.
    SKU: T-EBS-321
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    The electric belt sander has multifunction, small size and the best quality. It is a cheap corded belt sander for industrial, commercial or hobby DIY use. Applicable materials include wooden product, metal, furniture, paint product, etc.


    Model T-EBS-321
    Sanding Belt Size 3 x 21 inch (76 x 533mm)
    Rated Power 1,000W
    Rated Voltage 220V
    Rated Current 4.5A
    Belt Speed 380m/min
    Reversal Mount Function yes
    Default Attachment carbon brush*2, dust collection bag*1
    Optional Attachment sanding belts*5/20/50, reversal mount clamp (a pair)
    Weight 3.54kg


    • The belt sander has a sanding belt with high toughness, high strength and wear resistance.
    • 3 x 21 inch sanding belt, widening and lengthening the sanding area, the maximum linear speed is 380m/min.
    • Optional reversal clamp for flipping operation of the belt sander, and also for sanding and polishing small objects.
    • Electric belt sander is equipped with dust collection bag. The self-suction system reduces dust, safe and environmentally friendly.

    3 x 21 Inch Belt Sander Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of 3 x 21 Inch Belt Sander

    3 x 21 Inch Belt Sander Dimensions Diagram

    Dimensions Diagram of 3 x 21 Inch Belt Sander

    Reversal Mount Operation Diagram

    Reversal Mount Diagram of 3 x 18 Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander

    3 x 21 Inch Belt Sander Attachment Configuration

    3 x 21 Inch Belt Sander Attachment Configuration

    Sanding Belt Installation

    Sanding Belt Installation for Belt Sander, Step 1 Sanding Belt Installation for Belt Sander, Step 2 Sanding Belt Installation for Belt Sander, Step 3
    1. Find the button on belt sander that for sanding belt replacement. 2. Turn on the sanding belt replacement button and take out abrasive belt. 3. Put the new sanding belt into belt sander, and close the button after adjustment.

    Tips: Where is the belt sander used?

    To a certain extent, a belt sander and a grinder have the same function, whose acting objects are materials that are uneven, uneven in thickness, and do not meet process requirements. The sanding process usually uses sanding belt, grinding wheel, sandpaper, scouring pad, non-woven cloth, polishing wheel, etc., through the physical removal method, to make materials smoother, the thickness uniform, and the process reaches the standard. Belt sander is used in the production of various veneers, the production of standard structural parts, the toy crafts industry, the decoration and furniture industry, the floor and wallboard building materials industry and so on.

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    Registre | 3/19/2021 7:14 AM
    Belt replacement for 4.5 Amp 3 × 21 inch belt sander
    Is the belt of this 4.5 Amp 3 × 21 belt sander easy to change?
    A manager responded to this review
    The 4.5 Amp 3 × 21 belt sander has a button for changing the belt, and the belt can be replaced easily in three steps.