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    4Amp 3 x 21 Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander

    Good price belt sander for sale. Sanding belt size 3 x 21 inch (76 x 533mm), no-load speed 360~450 rpm, rated power 950W, power supply 220V 4Amp. Handheld electric belt sander with best quality, sanding and polishing wood and metal, small and cheap.
    SKU: T-EBS-321S
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    It is an electric corded belt sander with 3 x 21 inch sanding belt, variable speed and dust collection design. Small size and lightweight for portable use. Functions are sanding/polishing wooden product, metal, furniture, paint product, etc. in industrial, commercial or homemade DIY use.


    Model T-EBS-BS75
    Sanding Belt Size 3 x 21 inch (76 x 533mm)
    Rated Power 950W
    Rated Voltage 220V
    Rated Current 4A
    Belt Speed 360-450m/min
    Reversal Mount Function no
    Default Attachment carbon brush*2, dust collection bag*1
    Optional Attachment sanding belts*5/20/50
    Weight 4.6kg

    3 x 21 Inch Belt Sander Structure Diagram

    Structure of 3 x 21 Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander

    3 x 21 Inch Belt Sander Attachment Configuration

    Attachment Configuration of 3 x 21 Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander

    Sanding Belt Installation

    Sanding Belt Installation for Belt Sander, Step 1 Sanding Belt Installation for Belt Sander, Step 2 Sanding Belt Installation for Belt Sander, Step 3
    1. Find the button on belt sander that for sanding belt replacement. 2. Turn on the sanding belt replacement button and take out abrasive belt. 3. Put the new sanding belt into belt sander, and close the button after adjustment.

    Tips: Troubleshooting for variable speed belt sander.

    Fault Variable speed belt sander has strong vibration and loud noise.
    1. Bearing of the variable speed belt sander is worn.
    2. The driving wheel has poor dynamic leveling performance.
    3. The fixing screws are loose.
    4. Backing plate of the abrasive belt is too high.
    1. Replace worn bearings accordingly for the variable speed belt sander.
    2. Replace the transmission wheel with good dynamic leveling performance.
    3. Check and fix the loose screws.
    4. Adjust to reduce the contact degree of the sanding belt pad.
    Fault Sanding belt deviation.
    1. Drive wheel of the variable speed belt sander has a large deviation in centrality.
    2. The outer circle of transmission wheel is severely worn.
    3. Poor quality of sanding belt.
    4. Sanding belt tension is not enough.
    1. Adjust the centrality of transmission wheel.
    2. Replace or repair worn-out transmission wheels.
    3. Replace the qualified abrasive belt.
    4. Appropriately increase the belt tension.
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    Maria | 8/2/2021 2:11 AM
    A fantastic variable speed belt sander
    A light duty top value sander with flawless performance. This 4Amp inch variable speed belt sander works very smoothly and powerfully. It produces little dust coming out during the process. Extremely easy to handle, install the sandpaper and adjust it. What a great piece of kit!