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    Plant Starter Trays, 50pcs/ Set

    Buy 35mm depth plant sprouting trays at affordable price. The new plant growing trays have large capacity and provide large growth space of the root system. The seed trays are made by injection molding of PS new material to ensure a service life of more than 8 times, no deformation at high temperature, no defects or damage.
    SKU: T-FY590A
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    Best sale 50 pieces plant starter trays are used for early seedling cultivation, which can make plant seedlings sensitive to the changes in soil moisture, nutrients, oxygen, PH value and EC value.


    Model T-FY590A
    Height 35mm
    Dimension 590*240*35mm
    Standard Quality ±3% 225
    Quantity (Piece/ Case) 50
    Material PP
    Package Weight 11.2kg
    Packing Size 44*25*61cm


    Details of plant starter trays


    Applications of plant starter trays

    Tips: Method of rapid seedling cultivation

    1. Preparation before sowing. The preparation before sowing includes seed preparation, seedling trays preparation, substrate preparation and seedling nutrient soil preparation. The seedling substrate is mainly furnace ash, mixed and moderately fermented sheep manure. The seedling nutrient soil should be prepared in the first year. The human and animal manure used in the seedbed should be fully reprocessed.
    2. Disinfection of seeds, soaking seeds to accelerate germination. Most of the seeds are soaked with potassium permanganate and other chemicals for three minutes, and then soaked with warm water. This method is effective in preventing and controlling diseases in the seedling stage. After the seeds are soaked, they are thoroughly scrubbed to remove the scum and mucus attached to the seed epidermis, wrap them with gauze, and place them on the hot kang to accelerate the germination. The seeds can be sown when 70 to 80% of the bud tips are white.
    3. The substrate is plated and seeded. Substrate loading: Take 6 parts of sieved furnace ash, 2 parts of decomposed sheep dung, 2 parts of grass ash to mix evenly, and add water to fully moisten. Spray disinfection with 5% carbendazim solution, and then put the moistened substrate into the seedling trays. The substrate should be a finger distance away from the edge of the seedling tray, and it can be smoothed with a wooden board. Sowing: Mix the sterilized or germinated seeds with some fine sand to loosen the seeds. Use the sowing method for sowing. Cucumbers and solanaceous fruits with single seedlings can appropriately reduce the amount of sowing. Use 1 cm thick furnace ash to cover the soil and water it fully after covering.
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    Keran | 8/10/2021 8:52 AM
    Good trays
    Product was nicely packaged, nothing was damaged upon arrival. These are great plant trays, we purchased them twice for some new willow trees we are planting in our wetlands. Very sturdy and a great value. Definitely recommend!!!