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    25/30 Compartments Double Sided Small Parts Organizer

    Wholesale portable double sided small parts organizer at economical price. Optional two sizes of 315*263*75mm and 370*305*82mm. Small-sized parts storage box has 30 compartments with removable dividers, and large-sized parts organizer has 25 compartments with removable cup compartments and dividers, high strength and long lasting.
    SKU: T-BOX-30SPO
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    Portable small parts organizer boxes have available two sizes, the small one is 315*263*75mm with 30 compartments and removable dividers, and the large one is 370*305*82mm with 25 compartments and removable cup compartments and dividers, convenient to use and easy to portable. The parts storage boxes are made from high quality plastic, wear, corrosion and impact resistance, ideal for small parts and accessories like screws, nuts, bolts, etc.


    Model T-G-231 T-G-460
    Size (L*W*D) 315*263*75mm 370*305*82mm
    Number of Compartments 30 Compartments 25 Compartments
    Compartments Size (L*W*D) 53*60*33mm 67*54*33mm/105*65*33mm
    Weight 790g 1200g

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    • 30-Compartments Small Parts Organizer

    30 Compartments Small Parts Organizer Size
    30 Compartments Small Parts Organizer Box Size

    • 25-Compartments Small Parts Organizer

    25 compartments small parts organizer size25 compartments small parts organizer box size

    Tips: Parts organizer classification

    At present, the common types of parts organizers on the market mainly include stackable storage bins, wall mounted storage bins, and small parts organizers.

    1. Wall mounted storage bins
    The wall mounted storage bins are made of co-polypropylene with good mechanical properties, light weight, long life and resisting common acids and alkalis at normal working temperature. It is suitable for various occasions such as workshops and warehouses. It is a good helper to improve the level of logistics management. And it can be used with storage racks, work tables, multi-drawers tool trolleys, and wall hanging boards.

    2. Stackable storage bins
    The stackable storage bins are flexible in application and can be connected and replaced at will. It can be combined into a variety of different storage spaces as needed, so as to enable various parts in the production or work site to be stored based on the categories and with color management, well-organized and beautiful. It is generally applicable to industries such as electronics, machinery, and medicine.

    3. Small parts organizer box or drawer
    The small parts organizer box or drawer is made of high-strength PP. The dividers in the box can be removed as needed, more convenient to parts storage and organization.


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    angela | 8/11/2021 3:00 AM
    Useful case
    The 30 compartment organizer is just the right size for me. All of my nuts and bolts fit nicely in each part. I love that it is sturdy and convenient to clean. This case is perfect for what I needed.