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    3000 Lumens LED Rechargeable Headlamp

    Best price 3000 lumens LED rechargeable headlamp for sale, fixed focus and strong light with 3*T6 & 2*Q5 lamp beads. Aluminum alloy light cups, charging with USB-micro line, and power by two 18650 batteries. This headlight is economical and practical.
    SKU: T-HL-3000
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    1. 3000 lumens LED headlight is made of high quality aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable enough for long time daily using.
    2. Skid-proof design and daily waterproof design, but it can't dive into the water.
    3. The headlight has 6 different lighting modes that can be used.
    4. The illumination of light source can be adjusted between 0° and 90 °, which is suitable for multiple scenes.
    5. The rechargeable headlight has USB interface, which is easy for fast and safe charging.
    6. The LED headlight is suitable for most outdoor use like climbing, caving, hunting, hiking, fishing, riding, walking and running at night.


    Model T-HL-3000
    Bulb Type 3*T6+2*Q5
    Light Color White
    Net Weight 228g
    Material Aluminum Alloy
    Lumens 3000
    Beam Distance 300m
    Focus Fixed Focus
    Lighting Modes 6 Modes
    Battery Type 18650*2
    Power 36W
    Voltage 3.7V
    Runtime 4-12 Hours


    3000 Lumens Headlight Details

    3000 Lumens LED Headlight Bulbs

    Tips: How to Choose an LED Rechargeable Headlamp?

    An LED rechargeable headlamp is quite important equipment for outdoor activities, such as survival in the wilderness, hiking, camping, and riding at night. If you want to purchase a headlamp, an essential factor you should consider that the usage of a headlamp. If you just want to have dinner in camping, you don’t need a complex headlamp. You could buy an economical headlamp with long lighting time and easy to carry. You could select a simple flashlight as well, but it’s better to have a small headband. You could choose a high lumens waterproof headlamp when you prepare for field survival, because you might drive the mountain road in the middle night. Double light source headlamp is the best choice for a long journey that needs long lighting time and high lumens.
    Another important factor you should think about is the usage environment of headlamps. The battery performance will be weakened in low temperature environment, it is a better choice to buy a double light source headlamp with an external battery case, which meets your needs of outdoor activities in the winter. If you are a dive or a diving enthusiast, buy a waterproof and reliable headlamp with long lighting time and high lumens making your underwater adventures more convenient. Lumens and beam distance are vital factors for caving and researching at night. All in all, it is necessary to own a high lumens headlamp in order to see more clearly and farther at night. We provide 3000 lumens LED rechargeable headlamp that meets all of your needs for climbing, carving, hunting, hiking and other outdoor activities.

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    Glenda | 10/18/2021 9:10 AM
    Great headlamp for camping trip
    I had used this led rechargeable headlamp from my previous camping trip. I feel the light from this one is a lot stronger. When I tested it in my house with light off, I can clearly see everything. Cannot wait to use it for my next camping trip.
    Shaun | 7/19/2021 6:40 AM
    Bright and comfortable led rechargeable headlamp
    I have many headlamps and I’m always looking for a new one. This light was cheap. The fact that its rechargeable is its biggest plus. I’m really happy with this led rechargeable headlamp. It was impressively brighter than I expected. Overall, I’m quite pleased with the purchase.
    Jasmine | 7/15/2021 1:56 AM
    Nice led rechargeable headlamp
    I use this light every day for work. It is very bright and powerful. One of the best lights I have ever owned. It’s plenty bright, and I have taken it on walks up to four hours without needing to charge it up. The new led rechargeable headlamp works great and I would recommend this product.