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    395nm LED UV Black Light Flashlight

    395nm LED UV black light flashlight with 100 LED light beads, high quality and high brightness. Aluminum alloy material daily waterproof, power by 6*AA batteries. Buy this price UV black light flashlight, your best choice.
    SKU: T-UF-395
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    395nm LED UV black light flashlight has 100 LED light beads, high brightness and wide detection range, which can be adapted to various detection items. It uses high transmittance lens to effectively reduce light lost. Best 395nm LED UV flashlight is used in various fields, such as medical measurement, biostatistics, police investigation and hydraulic leakage inspection, etc.


    Model T-UF-395
    Wavelength 395nm
    Light Bead 100 UV LEDs
    Light Color Purple
    Battery AA*6
    Material Aluminum Alloy
    Beam Distance 50m
    Size 114*38*79mm
    Weight 180g


    LED UV Black Light Flashlight Details

    How to Install Batteries?

    How To Install The Battery

    Tips: How to Maintain a 395nm LED UV Black Light Flashlight?

    A 395nm LED UV black light flashlight applies to various fields, such as fluorescent penetrating inspection, fingerprint detection, degreasing cleaning, cleaning verification, sanitary inspection and so on, which is the best hand tool for daily life. There are some suggestions for maintaining a UV black flashlight.
    1. The battery positive pole of a UV flashlight must be in the front, otherwise, the circuit board will be burned out. Pay attention to control the temperature of the UV flashlight and don’t open the circuit board if you are not a specialist.
    2. Make sure the right position of batteries positive and negative poles when you are charging. Don’t overcharge or discharge to maintain the battery life.
    3. Avoid placing the UV flashlight under the sunshine or in a high temperature environment. You could charge the battery and store it in a cool and dry place to prolong the battery life.
    4. Clean your UV flashlight after you used it to prevent coating peeling off.

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    Danyse | 1/13/2023 8:29 AM
    UV black light flashlight never let me down
    I'm amazed at how well it works. My daughter has several cats and it is difficult to find the source of the cat's urine smell. Immediately after I bought this UV black light flashlight, I was able to find the source. I also tried it on top of the kitchen stove to see if it could detect oil splatter. Yes. UV black light flashlight has never let me down yet, awesome product.
    Darcy | 11/5/2020 3:27 AM
    Powerful UV black light flashlight
    I am very fortunate that I bought this ultraviolet black light flashlight. Its function is so powerful and it has a wide range of applications. It can be used in various fields such as medical measurement, biostatistics, police investigation and hydraulic leakage. I like it so much, and I recommend friends who I like to hurry up and buy it.