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    COB LED Rechargeable Headlamp

    Buy COB LED rechargeable headlamp with low price, aluminum alloy light cup, T6&COB strong light rotating focus, 2.3V, 15W. USB-micro charging and power by 2*18650 batteries. It is very cheap and convenient for you.
    SKU: T-HL-C
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    Low price COB LED rechargeable headlamp has strong light rotating focus and 90°adjustable. Aluminum alloy lamp holder can be effective waterproof. It is suitable for hiking, camping, searching, hunting, night fishing, etc.


    Model T-HL-C
    Lamp Bead T6+COB
    Battery Type 18650*2
    Beam Distance 200m
    Focus Rotating Focus
    Material Aluminum Alloy & ABS
    Voltage 3.7V
    Power 15W
    Runtime 4-15 Hours


    COB LED Rechargeable Headlamp Details


    COB LED Headlamp Applications

    Tips: Difference Between 18650 Battery and 26650 Battery
    Many flashlights or headlamps power by 18650 batteries or 26650 batteries. Both of the two batteries are lithium batteries with lightweight, big capacity and no memory effect. However, what the difference between 18650 batteries and 26650 batteries?
    1. Rated capacity difference: 26650 batteries rated capacity is 3000mAh, and 18650 batteries rated capacity is 1100~1400mAh.
    2. Diameter difference: 26650 batteries diameter is 26mm, and 18650 batteries diameter is 18mm.
    3. Reference quality difference: 26650 batteries reference quality is 94g, but 18650 batteries reference quality is 45g.
    4. Application field difference: 18650 batteries are used for illuminators like flashlights and headlamps, industrial, power tools, electric bicycles and so on. 26650 batteries apply to integrated solar street lights, energy storage stations, solar energy storage and other sides.

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