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    Air File, 0.2" Stroke, 3500bpm

    Best sale 0.2" stroke air file, works with 3500bpm speed, 90 psi working pressure, 5*105mm file piece, 1/4” (6.35mm) air inlet. High-quality accessories, precision manufacturing, reliable quality. The safety trigger design can prevent accidentally pressing the start switch.
    SKU: T-KP-751
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    Good price 3500bpm, 5mm stroke air file for sale online. Average air consumption is 5cfm, the air hose size is 5*8mm and the air hose length is 440mm. Less noise and safer air tool, suitable for metal rust removal, paint removal, trimming, wood polishing and deburring.


    Model T-KP-751
    Stroke length 0.2" / 5mm
    Strokes per minute 3500bpm
    No load speed 3500rpm
    Working pressure 90 psi
    File piece diameter 5mm
    File piece length 105mm
    Air inlet size 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
    Average air consumption 5cfm
    Air hose size 5*8mm
    Air hose length 440mm
    Dimension 29*145mm
    Net weight 0.59kg
    Package weight 1.0kg
    Package size 65*138*328mm
    Package included

    1*Air file

    1*440mm air hose

    2*Allen wrenches



    3500 bpm air file details

    Details of 3500 bpm air file

    Tips: Maintenance of air file

    1. In order to prevent the air file from being worn out too quickly, do not use the air file to file the crust of the blank or the hardened surface of the workpiece, but first use other tools or the front end and side teeth of the file to process it.
    2. When filing, use one side of the file first, and use the other side after this side is dull, because the teeth of the file that are used too much are easy to rust.
    3. When filing, make full use of the effective working surface of the file to avoid local wear.
    4. The file cannot be used as a tool for assembling and disassembling, beating and prying objects to prevent the result of the file from being broken due to the brittle material.
    5. When using needle files and small files, do not use too much force to prevent the file from breaking.
    6. Air files should be waterproof and oil-proof. The file is easy to rust after being wet, and the file is easy to slip when working.
    7. In the process of filing, if there are chips embedded in the file pattern, remove them in time to prevent the chips from scratching the machined surface. After the pneumatic file is used, use a file brush or a copper sheet to brush away the remaining cutting chips along the file pattern to prevent the pneumatic file from rusting.
    8. When placing pneumatic files, avoid contact with hard objects, avoid overlapping files and files, and prevent damage to pneumatic files.
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    Martin | 11/4/2020 3:00 AM
    Powerful air file
    My favorite air file is finally in stock. It saves time and effort than manual files, and is safer, with low noise and powerful functions. It can be used for metal rust removal, paint removal, trimming, wood polishing and removal glitch.