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    3/4" Electric Rebar Bender, 1050W

    Good price electric rebar bender for sale. Bending rebar diameter 4-20mm (3/4 inch). Bending angle 0~130°. Rated power 1050W or 900W for selection. Bending speed 5s. Applicable for steel bar, round bar, iron rod, carbon steel, etc.
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    Model T-HRB-20
    Rated Voltage 110V, 220V
    No-Load Power 1050W, 900W
    Bending Range Ф4-Ф20mm (3/4 inch)
    Bending Angle* 0~130°
    Bending Speed 5s
    Machine Length 590mm
    Packing iron box
    Weight 17.4 kg

    *Note: Bending 90°, rebar diameter should be 12-20mm. Rebar diameter <12mm,bending angle cannot reach 90°.


    • Applicable materials: medium and low carbon steel, round steel, rebar.
    • Portable handheld rebar bending machine with high strength. Driven by 220V/110V AC hydraulic.
    • Long bolt rod limits the stroke to achieve precise bending.
    • When the bending is completed or there is an error in the middle, piston can be returned to the starting position by manual reset button.

    Structure Diagram of Electric Rebar Bender

    Structure Diagram of 3/4 inch Electric Rebar Bender, 1050W

    Electric Rebar Bender Application

    Electric Rebar Bender Application

    Bending Effect Diagram

    Bending Effect Diagram of Electric Rebar Bender

    Tips: Precautions for using rebar bender.

    • During operation, insert the end of rebar that needs to be bent into the gap on turntable. Fix the other end of rebar is against the machine body and press it tightly by hand. Check whether the rebar bender body is fixed, confirm that it is placed on the side that blocks rebar, and start operating.
    • During operating rebar bender, it is strictly forbidden to change mandrel, change angle, and adjust speed, nor to add oil or clean.
    • When bending high-hardness or low-alloy steel bars, change the maximum limit diameter according to mechanical nameplate, and exchange the corresponding mandrel.
    • On the place within the working radius and the side of machine that is not fixed, it is forbidden to stand.
    • If the turntable needs to be reversed, it must be done after the rebar bender stops stably.
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