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    40 Piece Brake Caliper Tool Kit

    Portable 40 piece brake caliper tool kit with wholesale price, best for disc brake caliper piston compression and brake pads replacement, features 2 magnetic thrust bolts, 26 disc brake adapters, 4 retainer plates, 2 hex keys, 2 pin punches, 3 sockets and a Crv joint grease.
    SKU: T-BCTK-40PC
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    Portable 40 piece brake caliper tool kit can be used for disc brake caliper rewinding of most cars and SUVs. It adds more useful repair tools, such as hex key, pin punch, socket and joint grease.


    Model T-ST4040
    Shipping weight 5.2kg
    Size 400*320*80mm
    Total number of pieces 40
    Material Carbon steel
    Applicable vehicles Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, JARUAR
    Package included 2 * thrust bolts
    26 * disc adapters
    2 * hex keys (6mm, 7mm)
    2 * pin punches (3mm, 5mm)
    4 * retainer plates
    3 * sockets & bit socket
    1 * CrV joint grease
    1 * tool box

    Tips: 4 key points for installing brake pads
    Use the brake caliper piston wind back tool to press back the piston, and insert the brake friction pad between the brake caliper and the piston.

    1. First install the lower part of the brake caliper housing with brake friction pads to the wheel bearing seat.
    2. Push the brake caliper housing firmly to the stop position
      Note that the reset position of brake caliper position must be in place.
      The boss of the brake caliper housing must be located behind the wheel bearing seat guide.
      Brake pads are marked. The brake pads with the larger tripod 1 are installed on the inner side (piston side), and the brake pads with the smaller tripod 2 are installed on the outside of the brake caliper housing.
    3. Install the dust cover and install the wheels.
    4. Check reposition
      In the parking state, press the brake pedal repeatedly to the end to make the brake friction lining reach the corresponding position of its running state.
      After replacing the brake pads, check the brake fluid level.
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    Sanchez | 11/30/2021 8:15 AM
    We will order a 40-piece brake caliper tool kit
    Thank you for the information and recommendations below. We shall order a second 40 piece brake caliper tool kit.