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    7 Piece Coolant Vacuum Filler Kit for Cooling System

    Universal 7 piece coolant vacuum filler kit with cheap price, inclueds a vacuum pressure gauge, a vacuum generator, 3 rubber rings and 2 hoses, best for filling and replacing coolant in automotive cooling system, reduce more maintenance time.
    SKU: T-CVF-7PC
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    Portable 7 piece coolant vacuum filler kit is suited for most vehicles cooling system. It can prevent air from entering the coolant, and at the same time avoid wasting a lot of coolant like traditional replacement methods.


    Model T-ST0113
    Shipping weight 2kg
    Size 340*250*90mm
    Total number of pieces 7
    Maximum pressure 100Psi (6.9bar)
    Minimum pressure 80Psi (5.5bar)
    Applicable vehicles Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, JARUAR
    Package included 1 * vacuum pressure gauge
    1 * vacuum generator
    3 * rubber rings (Φ35mm, Φ39mm, Φ44mm)
    1 * air hose
    1 * coolant hose with connector
    1 * tool box

    Tips: Operation steps of coolant vacuum filling

    1. Stop the engine and wait for the engine to cool down (after the fan stops rotating for 5 minutes)
    2. Twist the lid of the radiator to discharge the internal pressure and then unscrew the lid. Be careful of the pressure of the antifreeze.
    3. Lift up the car safely.
    4. Disassemble the water pipe clamp to drain the antifreeze (Some vehicles can be completed through the water drain valve.).
    5. Install the water pipe clamp properly after draining the antifreeze.
    6. Choose a suitable rubber ring to connect to the radiator and make sure that all switches are closed. Then connect the vacuum gauge, the vacuum generator, and the air hose.
    7. Connect the high-pressure air tube, turn on the pressure gauge switch and connect the vacuum pump to vacuumize.
    8. When the pressure reaches -20~-25inHg (-50~-60cmHg), turn off the vacuum gauge switch and remove the vacuum generator.
    9. Check the piping of the cooling system and observe whether the reading of the vacuum gauge remains unchanged. If it does not change, the air tightness of the system is good.
    10. Connect the coolant hose and insert the hose into the bottom of the antifreeze. Turn on the switch of the vacuum gauge and suck the coolant into the cooling system through vacuum. Be careful not to empty the coolant in the bottle, to prevent air being drawn into the cooling system.
    11. When the pointer returns to the starting position, the addition of coolant is complete. Check whether the coolant level is in the normal position (Do the same operation again, if it is not fill up.).
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    Danl | 12/9/2021 7:09 AM
    Complete 7 piece coolant vacuum filler kit
    I have been looking for a complete coolant vacuum filler kit, and I finally found it on today. It is very suitable for car owners, and I recommend you to buy it.