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    39 Piece Paintless Dent Puller Kit

    Paintless dent puller kit contains a glue dent puller, a AC 100~240V/ 100W glue gun, 18 pieces of plastic tabs, 6 hot glue sticks and other accessories, suitable for all types of paintless dent repair.
    SKU: T-PDR-K1
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    39 piece paintless dent puller kit is best for repair various type of paintless dents, such as hail dents, small dents and even large dents.


    Basic Model T-PDR-K1
    Weight 1.3kg
    Packing included 1 * glue dent puller
    1 * glue gun
    18 * tabs
    1 * aluminum bottle (for ethyl alcohol)
    9 * repair pens
    1 * plastic scraper plate
    1 * towel
    1 * hammer
    3 * black hot glue sticks
    3 * white hot glue sticks
    Glue gun Length 19.5cm
    Height 17cm
    Power supply 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
    Rated power 100W
    Glue tab Length 1.5cm~5cm
    Color Blue

    Tips: How to use the full paintless dent puller kit to remove dent?

    1. Before repairing the car dent, it is necessary to clean the dent part to ensure better adhesion of the plastic tab.
    2. Put the hot glue stick in the glue gun and turn on the power to preheat for about 5 minutes.
    3. In this preheating process, you can select the appropriate tab and the sticking position of the tab according to the dent area. The larger the tab size, the greater the traction. The bonding position of the tab is generally judged according to the shape of the dent, and the tabs should be pasted in several locations if the dent area is too large.
    4. After the glue gun is preheated, use the glue gun to spread the glue evenly on the tab, quickly stick it into the dent position, and gently press it until the tab is fixed before letting go.
    5. Align the socket in the middle of the puller with the tab, put the socket on the tab screw, and then turn the nut until it is tight. Slightly press the spring clamp to pull the tab and the dent until the dent is smoothed.
    6. If during the operation, some positions protrude and are higher than the metal sheet of the car body, use the hammer to gently hit the repair pen to flatten these places little by little.
    7. After the repair is complete, remove the puller. Remove the tab from the car body by plastic scraper plate and towel.
    8. Then spray alcohol on the residual glue of the car body. At this time, you can judge the effect of the paintless dent repair under the sunlight or the light of the PDR light.
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