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    7 Piece Oxygen Sensor Socket Set

    Universal oxygen sensor socket set contains 3-piece 1/2" oxygen sensor sockets and 4-piece 3/8" oxygen sensor sockets, chromium-molybdenum steel material, blackening surface treatment, can be used to change oxygen sensors of all the automobile brand, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, etc.
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    7-piece 3/8", 1/2" oxygen sensor socket set, chromium-molybdenum steel material, blackening surface treatment, for all the automotive oxygen sensor.


    Model T-ST2570
    Shipping weight 2.3kg
    Size 232*185*55mm
    Total number of pieces 7
    Material Chromium-molybdenum steel
    Surface treatment Blackening
    Drive size 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch
    Package included 1) 1/2"Dr. * 29mm * 90mm (L), slot 7mm
    2) 1/2"Dr. * 27mm (12pt) * 82mm (L)
    3) 3/8"Dr. * 7/8" * 90mm (L), slot 20mm
    4) 3/8"Dr. * 1-1/16" * 74mm (L)
    5) 3/8"Dr. * 7/8" * 80mm (L)
    6) 1/2"Dr. * 22mm * 50mm (L)
    7) 3/8"Dr. * 22mm * 31mm (L)
    8) 1 * tool box

    Tips: Can I replace the broken automotive oxygen sensor by myself?
    The oxygen sensor is divided into front oxygen sensor and rear oxygen sensor, and the front oxygen sensor is also called the air-fuel ratio sensor. The car owner must have special tools to disassemble them. The installation position of the front oxygen sensors is also special, which is closely related to the engine layout. There are different things that need to be disassembled for horizontal engine and vertical engine. It also requires special tools to disassemble. Especially before removing the rear oxygen sensor, the vehicle needs to be lifted up with a floor jack, and then owner can climb under the car and use a special tool to remove it. Replacing oxygen sensor requires certain skills and tools, so if you have no experience, it is not recommended to do it yourself.
    The wiring harness of the oxygen sensor is directly connected to its body, and there is no separate plug on the part side that can be removed, so special tools are required to remove the oxygen sensor. This special tool is called the oxygen sensor socket, and it has a gap on one side. This gap is convenient for us to put the wire harness of the oxygen sensor in, so as not to damage the wire harness when rotation.

    3 attentions for removing the oxygen sensor:

    1. The size of the oxygen sensor socket is also differentiated, so confirm the size of the oxygen sensor before buying.
    2. The oxygen sensor socket must be installed on the root of the oxygen sensor and loosen it forcefully, otherwise it is easy to slide loose.
    3. Pay attention to the wire harness on the oxygen sensor when unscrewing. Don't turn to the end at one time while screwing. Note that the wiring harness is easily deformed or even broken. After loosening, adjust the rotation angle back and forth to protect the wiring harness.
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