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    Electric Engine Oil Extractor 18 Gallon

    Electric engine oil extractor is composed of a 100W electric air pump, an oil tank, an oil cup and an oil basin. Car oil extractor with tank capacity 80L (18 Gallon) can continuously extract waste lubricating oil of 5-10 cars. Movable car oil extractor is mainly used for pumping/ draining/ storage oil in automotive repair shops and car 4S shops.
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    Car oil extractor has a 100w electric air pump, an 80L (18 Gallon) oil tank, a 10L (2 Gallon) oil cup and a 10L (2 Gallon) oil basin.


    • Electric oil extractor equips a 220VAC/ 100W air pump to pumping waste oil. So it doesn't need to connect an air compressor.
    • Explosion-proof thickened oil cup with pressure gauge and a quick draining switch has high-density polymethyl methacrylate material, high corrosion resistance, 10L capacity.
    • Explosion-proof thickened oil tank with 80L (18 Gallon) capacity can prevent air leakage and oil leakage.
    • 10L oil basin has a filtering function to prevent other object from entering the oil tank.
    • Oil extractor has two directional wheels and one universal wheel, which make moving more easily.
    • Car oil extractor has three functions: oil storage, oil draining and oil pumping.


    Model T-EOE-6299
    Shipping weight 26kg
    Shipping package (2 cartons) Oil tank package: 51*43*89cm
    Oil cup package: 54*26.5*26.5cm
    Working mode Air compression (Equipped with an electric air pump.)
    High height 150cm
    Low height 145cm
    Rated voltage of air pump 220VAC
    Rated power of air pump 100W
    Oil tank capacity 80L (18 Gallon)
    Oil cup capacity 10L (2 Gallon)
    Oil basin capacity 10L (2 Gallon)
    Medium Lubricating oil
    Maximum oil temperature 40℃ (104℉)
    Functions Oil pumping
    Oil draining
    Oil storage

    Tips: What is electric oil extractor?
    The electric engine oil extractor has fast vacuum speed and strong negative pressure capability. It is a multi-purpose oil extractor and can be applied regardless of whether there is lifting equipment or trenches. The high-transparency oil measuring cup can be used for primary observation of oil quality and oil volume measurement. The air pump is operated by electricity, and all functions are powered by compressed air to ensure safe operation, environmental protection, and low consumption. It uses the principle of negative pressure, the oil tank and oil cup extract vacuum to form negative pressure, so as to be free from the air source and can be moved freely without being restricted by the air source pipeline. The storage negative pressure can be used repeatedly, which saving time and improving work efficiency. The electric oil extractor is an important automotive tool for car repair and engine oil change.

    1. Working principle
      Utilize compressed air to extract vacuum the transparent oil measuring cup or both the transparent oil measuring cup and the oil storage tank through a specially designed vacuum generating device. It will produce a certain vacuum degree. Under the action of external air pressure, the waste oil is drawn into a transparent measuring cup or oil storage tank through oil pipelines.
    2. Advantages:
      • The vacuum degree is 0.85bar, and the oil pumping speed is fast.
      • Inflate once, cut off the power supply, and it can continuously extract waste oil of 5-10 vehicles.
      • With the eccentric design of the oil basin, the oil receiving range is much higher than the concentric design oil basin.
      • Push-pull armrest, comfortable operation.
      • Electric oil extractor has 2 universal wheels and 2 directional wheels.
      • Lifting rod can be lifted and lowered to improve sealing.
      • Automatic welding, stable and reliable welding quality.
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    Abby | 1/20/2021 6:41 AM
    Intimate after-sales service
    The after-sales service of this electric engine oil extractor is really good. After using it for a few days, I found a small hole in the pumping unit, leaking a little oil. After-sales customer service and I explained the situation. The merchant sent me a new pumping unit that day. I am very satisfied with the after-sales service provided by the merchants.