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    Car Engine Oil Extractor with 18 Gallon Tank

    Movable car oil/fluid extractor is mainly used for pumping lubricating oil in car 4S shops and automotive repair shops. The specially designed quick oil draining switch makes operation more easily. Car engine oil extractor has an oil tank, an oil cup and an oil basin to pumping/ draining/ storage oil. The capacity of oil tank is 80L (18 Gallon). It can continuously extract waste oil of 5-10 cars for every air inflation.
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    Car oil extractor has an 80L (18 Gallon) oil tank, a 10L (2 Gallon) oil cup and a 10L (2 Gallon) oil basin.


    • Explosion-proof thickened oil cup with pressure gauge and a quick draining switch has high-density polymethyl methacrylate material, high corrosion resistance, 10L capacity.
    • Explosion-proof thickened oil tank with 80L (18 Gallon) capacity can prevent air leakage and oil leakage.
    • 10L oil basin has a filtering function to prevent other object from entering the oil tank.
    • Oil extractor has two directional wheels and one universal wheel, which make moving more easily.
    • Car oil extractor has three functions: oil storage, oil draining and oil pumping.


    Model T-OE-7297
    Shipping weight 28kg
    Shipping package (2 cartons) Oil tank package: 51*43*89cm
    Oil cup package: 59*31*27cm
    Working mode Air compression (An air compressor is required.)
    High height 150cm
    Low height 145cm
    Vacuum degree 0 ~ (minus)0.08MPa
    Air pressure 8-10kg/cm
    Oil tank capacity 80L (18 Gallon)
    Oil cup capacity 10L (2 Gallon)
    Oil basin capacity 10L (2 Gallon)
    Medium Lubricating oil
    Maximum oil temperature 40℃ (104℉)
    Functions Oil pumping
    Oil draining
    Oil storage

    Tips: Notices for engine oil extractor

    1. The oil tank of electric engine oil extractor is a low-pressure container. It is strictly prohibited to overpressure.
    2. It has passed strict inspection before leaving the factory, and the working pressure is 0.15-0.25MPa.
    3. The discharge pressure of the safety valve is 0.25-0.28MPa. It is strictly forbidden to adjust it at will and replace the safety valve of another factory.
    4. The pressure regulating valve of oil extractor is specially made, and the maximum pressure is adjusted to 0.3MPa. It is strictly prohibited to adjust the pressure and replace the pressure regulating valve of another factory. Every time you use this product, please check whether the pressure and accessories are normal before proceeding.
    5. Before use, the operator should check whether the safety valve is working properly and whether the pull ring can be pulled normally. If it cannot be pulled, the function of the safety valve has been invalid, resulting in overpressure and high pressure use. In this case, please replace the safety valve immediately and then continue to operate.
    6. The oil cup is forbidden to contact with corrosive liquids, such as banana oil, etc.
    7. The oil storage in the tank cannot exceed the displayed liquid level. The oil collection of the measuring cup should not be too full, which will affect the oil pumping.
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    Davd | 10/23/2020 7:23 AM
    The use of car engine oil extractor
    Hello, I am using car engine oil extractor for the first time. Except what is written in the manual, what advice do you have for using car engine oil extractor?
    A manager responded to this review
    It's actually very easy to use. If the oil or fluid you are pumping is hot, its effect will be better and the pumping speed will be faster. Select the tube that will be inserted into the dipstick. The tube is cut diagonally, so it will be picked up at the bottom. When using air to start, slowly open the valve and gradually increase until it flows smoothly.