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    Car Engine Oil Extractor with 18 Gallon Tank

    Movable car oil/fluid extractor is mainly used for pumping lubricating oil in car 4S shops and automotive repair shops. The specially designed quick oil draining switch makes operation more easily. Car engine oil extractor has an oil tank, an oil cup and an oil basin to pumping/ draining/ storage oil. The capacity of oil tank is 80L (18 Gallon). It can continuously extract waste oil of 5-10 cars for every air inflation.
    SKU: T-OE-80L
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    Car oil extractor has an 80L (18 Gallon) oil tank, a 10L (2 Gallon) oil cup and a 10L (2 Gallon) oil basin.


    • Explosion-proof thickened oil cup with pressure gauge and a quick draining switch has high-density polymethyl methacrylate material, high corrosion resistance, 10L capacity.
    • Explosion-proof thickened oil tank with 80L (18 Gallon) capacity can prevent air leakage and oil leakage.
    • 10L oil basin has a filtering function to prevent other object from entering the oil tank.
    • Oil extractor has two directional wheels and one universal wheel, which make moving more easily.
    • Car oil extractor has three functions: oil storage, oil draining and oil pumping.


    Model T-OE-7297
    Shipping weight 28kg
    Shipping package (2 cartons) Oil tank package: 51*43*89cm
    Oil cup package: 59*31*27cm
    Working mode Air compression (An air compressor is required.)
    High height 150cm
    Low height 145cm
    Vacuum degree 0 ~ (minus)0.08MPa
    Air pressure 8-10kg/cm
    Oil tank capacity 80L (18 Gallon)
    Oil cup capacity 10L (2 Gallon)
    Oil basin capacity 10L (2 Gallon)
    Medium Lubricating oil
    Maximum oil temperature 40℃ (104℉)
    Functions Oil pumping
    Oil draining
    Oil storage


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