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    85Nm Inline Air Screwdriver, 1/4", 7000rpm

    Factory price inline impact pneumatic screwdriver has straight handle design, 85Nm max torque, 1/4 inch air inlet, 7000rpm no load speed, 6-10mm bolt capacity. Air-powered screwdriver is used to tighten and remove threaded components, ideal for general purpose applications.
    SKU: T-AS-85N
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    Best 85Nm high torque pneumatic screwdriver air tool for sale online, features 1/4" air inlet, 1/4" collet size and 7000rpm at no load, inline shank design that is small in size and comfortable to handle. Double ring strike structure is suitable for hexagon screw, not for cross screw. Designed with no limit speed regulation, self-locking collet, which is more convenient and simple to operate, and no special training required.


    Model T-KP-810H
    Type Inline impact air screwdriver
    Max Torque 85Nm
    No Load Speed 7000rpm
    Air Inlet 1/4" (6.35mm)
    Collet Size 1/4"
    Bolt Capacity 6-10mm
    Air Hose Inner 6.5mm
    Working Pressure 90 psi
    Average Air Consumption 0.22m3/min
    Overall Length 232mm
    Weight 1.3kg
    Packing Included 1 * Air Screwdriver
    1 * Mini Screwdriver Bit


    85Nm 1/4 inch 7000rpm air screwdriver details

    Tips: Air tools have more benefits over power tools in work ability

    • Pneumatic tools and power tools can provide a variety of different working methods, such as: Rotation, reciprocation, swing, impact, etc.
    • The speed adjustment and output power adjustment of air tools are simple. It can be easily carried out through the operation of the air supply valve handle and the adjustment valve.
    • Air tools can provide more levels of choice in the speed range, from 100rpm to 70,000rpm.
    • The air tool has no heat and overload failure. Pneumatic tools are more suitable for long-time work without heating. Even if the compressor is overloaded, the pneumatic tool just stops rotating. Once the overload is removed, it will resume normal operation without any failure.
    • In terms of reciprocating motion, pneumatic tools use piston motion, while electric tools use cam conversion. In contrast, air tools have more advantages.
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    Bruno | 11/20/2020 1:59 AM
    Safe pneumatic screwdriver
    My relative's child likes to dismantle the broken appliances at home, and he can fix it. Now he opened a home appliance repair company. In order to facilitate work and improve work efficiency, he bought this pneumatic screwdriver, which can easily tighten and remove threaded components, and the repair speed is much faster.