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    Adjustable Hook Spanner Wrench

    Favorable price adjustable hook wrench C spanner for wholesale, made from chrome vanadium steel for great strength and durability, adjustable hook wrench with jaw capacity 3/4"~2", 1-1/4"~3", 2"~4-3/4", and 4-1/2"~6-1/2" for options, easy to use on slotted rings.
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    With high-quality chrome vanadium steel construction, adjustable hook spanner wrench provides maximum strength and durability with selectable jaw capaicty 19-51mm, 32-76mm, 51-120mm and 115-170mm. The adjustable hook wrench is designed for adjusting collars, lock nut rings and bearings in the machine tool, automotive, mechanical equipment, etc.


    Model T-WR4101H T-WR4102H T-WR4103H T-WR2665H
    Type Hook
    Size (Jaw Capacity) 3/4"~2" (19-51mm) 1-1/4"~3" (32-76mm) 2"~4-3/4" (51-120mm) 4-1/2"~6-1/2" (115-170mm)
    Overall Length 160mm 200mm 270mm 310mm
    Material Chrome vanadium alloy steel
    Weight 133g 242g 500g 692g

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    Adjustable Hook Spanner Wrench Overall Length

    Adjustable C Spanner Wrench Hook Sizes

    Tips: Types of wrenches or spanners

    There are basically two types, one is a wrench that has a fixed opening size marked on it, while the other is a wrench with adjustable opening size.

    1. Open end wrench
    The spanner has an opening of fixed size at one end or both ends for turning nuts or bolts of a certain size.

    2. Box end wrench
    The working end with a 6-point box or 12-point box at both ends, and the box end spanner is suitable for narrow or tight spaces when ordinary spanner cannot be used.

    3. Combination wrench
    The combination wrench is a combination of an open end and a box end. Both ends are used to turn the bolt or nut of the same specification.

    4. Adjustable wrench
    The opening of adjustable wrench can be adjusted within a certain size range, and can be used to tighten or loosen bolts or nuts of different specifications.

    5. Hook spanner wrench
    Hook wrench, also known as hook spanner, C-spanner, usually has an end with a hook, used for turning flat nut whose thickness is limited.

    6. Ratcheting wrench
    The ratcheting wrench is especially suitable for fastening or loosening bolts or nuts in very tight space. It usually features 6-point box end or 12-point box end with 45 teeth, 72 teeth, etc.

    7. Hex key
    Hex key, Allen wrench or Allen key, L-shaped hexagon bar wrench, is used for tightening or loosing hexagon socket screw. The type of hex key is in accordance with the size of the opposite side of the hexagon.

    8. Torque wrench
    The torque wrench can show the torque applied when turning a bolt or nut; or when the applied torque reaches a specified value, a light or sound signal is emitted. Torque wrenches are suitable for installation where the torque is clearly specified.


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    Granny | 12/10/2021 6:58 AM
    Sturdy adjustable hook wrench
    A set of well-made adjustable hook wrenches can meet most of the requirements of the workshop, and the length of the handle is suitable for the hand.