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    ER Collet Chuck Spanner Wrench

    Low price collet chuck wrench for wholesale, various specifications available with ER8, ER16, ER20, ER25 , ER32, and other collet spanner wrenches, black finish steel constructuon for durability and rust resistance, soft handle for comfortable grip, ideal collet wrench for router, CNC machine tool, drill bit, milling cutter, and milling machine.
    SKU: T-WR-ER
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    • Collet chuck spanner wrenches are made from high quality 45# steel with black finish, durable and rust-resistansive.
    • Wide range of ER collet wrenches in different shapes for choice, ER8/ER11/ER16/ER20/ER25/ER32, etc.
    • Soft handle design, comfortable grip and high torque.
    • Widely used to tighten and loosen screws and nuts without slipping.
    • Collet chuck wrenches are suitable for engraving machines, router, CNC machine tools, drills, milling cutters, milling machines, etc.


    Model T-JTBS-ER
    Product Type UM/M/A/C/SC/APU Type Collet Chuck Wrench
    Material 45# Steel
    Finish Black
    Measurement System Metric
    Size See below

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Dimensions & Selection Table

    • UM Type Collet Chuck Wrench

    Collet Chuck Wrench ER25 ER32 ER40 Size

    Type Model L D Weight
    UM ER25 218mm 37mm 215g
    ER32 253mm 45mm 359g
    ER40 277mm 85mm 431g
    • A-Type Collet Chuck Wrench

    Collet Chuck Wrench ER8A ER20A Size

    Type Model L D Weight
    A ER8A 116mm 12mm 64g
    ER11A 116mm 17mm 78g
    ER16A 152mm 25mm 125g
    ER20A 166mm 31mm 154g
    • M-Type Collet Chuck Wrench

    Collet Chuck Wrench ER8M-ER25M Size

    Type Model L D Weight
    M ER8M 78mm 5.5mm 22g
    ER11M 97mm 7.5mm 37g
    ER16M 122mm 13mm 72g
    ER20M 132mm 17mm 84g
    ER25M 140mm 20mm 114g
    • C/SC/APU Collet Chuck Wrench

    C Collet Chuck Spanner Wrench Size

    Type Model L D Weight
    C C32 265mm 60mm 282g
    C42 320mm 79mm 553g
    SC 38-42mm 171mm 33mm 90g
    45-52mm 180mm 39mm 102g
    55-62mm 230mm 48mm 129g
    68-72mm 239mm 51mm 234g
    78-85mm 270mm 64mm 279g
    APU APU 205mm 46mm 111g

    Tips: What is an box end wrench?

    box end wrench or spanner is a spanner with enclosed ends with 6, 8, 12, or 16 points inside the head. With 45 degree or other degree offset, this wrench box end is staggered from the handle at the side view. Therefore, the box end spanner is often used to remove bolts and nuts assembled in the recessed space, and can be used to provide operational clearance for the fingers to prevent scratches.

    The inner hole of the box end spanner is formed by two regular hexagon concentric stagger 30°. Most box end wrenches are offset, which are usually between 10° and 45°. There are many different sizes of box end wrenches. The size of box end spanner is generally determined by the width of the opposite side of hexagon nut or the screw. The general specifications of the spanner in Metric are 8*10mm, 10*12mm, 12*14mm, 14*17mm, 16*18mm, 17*19mm, 19*22mm, 22*24mm, 24*27mm, 27*30 mm and so on. The wrench should be selected that corresponds to the size of the bolt or nut.

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    Hassett | 12/14/2021 6:11 AM
    A very pleasant shopping experience
    After shopping around three online shops, I feel that the price of this chuck wrench is very affordable, beautiful in appearance and exquisite workmanship, and quick delivery and customer service will answer all questions. A very pleasant shopping experience.