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    12-Point Double Box End Wrench, 6mm x 7mm to 30mm x 32mm

    Reasonable price 12-point double box end wrench or ring spanner, two sizes per wrench, selectable various sizes from 6mm x 7mm to 30mm x 32mm, constructed with superior CR-V steel with mirror chrome polished, hardened, durable and corrosion resistant, 12-point box end and 45 degree offset design, easy to operate in narrow places.
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    • Favorable price Double Box End Wrench / Ring Spanner for sale, and two sizes per wrench like 6mm x 7mm, 8mm x 10mm, ..., 30mm x 32mm.
    • Drop forged chrome vanadium steel (CR-V) construction with mirror chrome polished, good hardness, long lasting and corrosion resistance.
    • 12-point box end wrench, twice angles of the 6-point, make it more precise and easier fit with fastener.
    • 45 degree offset box end wrench, easily access to the fasteners in tight space.


    Model T-MHBS-0632
    Material Chrome vanadium steel (CR-V)
    Finish Chrome polished
    Measure Type Metric
    Size (Optional) 6mm x 7mm, 8mm x 10mm, 9mm x 11mm, 10mm x 12mm, 12mm x 14mm, 13mm x 15mm,
    13mm x 16mm, 14mm x 17mm, 16mm x 18mm, 17mm x 19mm, 19mm x 22mm, 20mm x 22mm,
    21mm x 23mm, 22mm x 24mm, 24mm x 27mm, 25mm x 28mm, 27mm x 30mm, 30mm x 32mm
    Weight See below


    Size (mm) Overall Length (mm) Box End Thickness (mm) Weight (g)
    6 x 7 125 6.2 35
    8 x 10 145 6.3 48
    9 x 11 170 6.9 70
    10 x 12 170 7.6 76
    12 x 14 185 7.7 105
    13 x 15 215 7.9 113
    13 x 16 215 8.6 133
    14 x 17 230 9.4 166
    16 x 18 240 9.9 183
    17 x 19 260 10.2 226
    19 x 22 295 9.9 257
    20 x 22 295 10.2 257
    21 x 23 300 12.1 321
    22 x 24 300 11.9 335
    24 x 27 350 12.7 435
    25 x 28 350 13.4 480
    27 x 30 410 14.1 624
    30 x 32 420 14.1 624

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    Double Box End Wrench Applications

    Tips: How to use a box end wrench?

    When using the box end spanner, hold the connection point of box end spanner and the bolt with your left hand. Keep the box spanner in perfect coordination with the bolt to prevent slipping off. Hold the other end of the spanner with your right hand and apply more force. The spanner can be used to enclose all the heads of bolts and nuts, so that the bolt angle will not be damaged and large torque can be applied.

    What should I pay attention to when using a box end spanner?

    1. When choosing a box end wrench, the size of the bolt or nut must be appropriate, so that there will be no slip during use.
    2. 12-ponit box end wrenches are precise and easier fit than 6-point box end wrenches.
    3. If the spanner is damaged or cracked, please do not use it to prevent yourself from being hurt.
    4. When using the box end spanner, the bolt or nut should be firmly clamped, otherwise the bolt and nut will be damaged.
    5. It is not allowed to cover the pipe on the box spanner in order to increase the length of the spanner, which will not only damage the spanner, but also damage the bolt and nut.
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    Paul | 7/22/2021 2:27 AM
    Nice double box end wrench
    I bought this 12-point double box end wrench for general maintenance and repairs on my vehicles. It was better made than I expected for the price. There are two different sizes of socket in this wrench, which is easy for me to tighten different screws. This one is exactly what I needed. I will buy this again.