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    Multi Head 360° Adjustable Lawn Sprinkler

    Multi head adjustable garden lawn sprinkler with spike base for sale, 3/4 inch water inlet, made from plastic, best for garden and yard irrigation. 12 nozzles can be rotated 360 degrees to realize different kinds of spray patterns.
    SKU: T-KN-12N
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    Our multi head garden lawn sprinkler is flexible, which adapts any patterns you can imagine. It is fun to use and helps you conserve water.


    Model T-KN-12N
    Spray Diameter 20 - 26 ft. (6 - 8m)
    Spray Range 540 - 800 sq. ft. (50m² - 75m²)
    Flow 0.56m³/h (Under 3kg Water Pressure)
    Water Inlet 3/4 inch
    Material ABS, PVC
    Sprinkler Head Dimension 9 *10cm
    Spike Dimension 13.7 * 2cm
    Weight 0.17kg
    Application Used for Lawn irrigation, garden sprinkler, roof cooling, etc.


    360 Degrees Adjustable Lawn Sprinkler with Spike Base Dimension

    Tips: How to Know Whether Need to Water the Lawn?

    • Observe the lawn color
      When the grass needs water, it will slowly turn blue-gray, and some old grass will begin to roll up or wither.
    • Observe the footprints on the lawn
      A sign of lawn water shortage is that the footprints on the grass last longer than usual, that is, the grass does not rebound. It is time to water when over 30% lawn appears these symptoms.
      Deeper watering is good for the growth of deep roots. Frequent shallow watering encourages weeds and also causes the roots of plants to become shallow. Those plants are more susceptible to drought and diseases. Water the plants with lawn sprinklers when they really need it, which helps the roots of the grass to grow downwards. Enough water must be given each time so that the water can pass through the entire root system.
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    Pavlovic | 9/27/2021 8:58 AM
    Just what we needed
    I received my adjustable lawn sprinkler the next day. My husband was so excited about using these sprinklers. We have a large backyard and these were perfect for our needs, plus our kids enjoyed them too.