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    3-Arm Metal Rotating Garden Sprinkler

    Low price rotating garden water sprinkler can automatically rotate 360 degrees for lawn and yard irrigation. It comes with metal base and three arm sprinkler head, spray range 540 - 800 sq. ft., large coverage area.
    SKU: T-KN-231
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    360° rotating garden sprinkler head has three arms and each of them has 6 water outlets, which make irrigation evenly cover a larger area.


    Model T-KN-231
    Spray Diameter 20 - 26 ft. (6 - 8m)
    Spray Range 540 - 800 sq. ft. (50m² - 75m²)
    Flow 0.93m³/h (Under 3kg Water Pressure)
    Body Material Metal
    Dimension 12.5 *10cm
    Weight 0.225kg
    Application Used for Lawn irrigation, garden sprinkler, roof cooling, etc.


    3-Arm Metal Rotating Garden Sprinkler Details


    3 Arm Metal Rotating Garden Sprinkler Application

    Tips: When Need to Water Grass with a Rotating Garden Sprinkler?

    Water should be properly watered according to the water loss caused by different time. The moisture content in the grass tissue of lawn is about 75% - 85%. If the moisture content drops, it will cause the grass withered. When the moisture content drops to 60%, the grass will die. Therefore, when you need to water the lawn?

    • Watering time. It is a better time for watering lawn in the morning with less evaporation loss. 50% of the water may be evaporated when watering at noon or afternoon. Watering at dusk can improve the utilization of water, but the lawn stays in a wet environment all night, which can easily cause pests and diseases.
    • Watering amount. During the dry season or grass growing season, approximately 0.05 cubic meters per square meter water is needed every week. Under severe drought conditions, vigorously growing lawns need to irrigate 0.08 cubic meters per square meter water per week.
    • The need for lawn watering. Water the lawn thoroughly each time, and at least allow the water to penetrate to the soil depth of 8 cm-10 cm or more.
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