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    Automatic Impulse Lawn Sprinkler

    Adjustable impulse lawn sprinkler with plastic base for garden and yard irrigation, spray range 540 - 800 sq. ft., automatic 360 degrees rotating spray, can connect with 3/4 or 1 inch garden hose.
    SKU: T-KN-224
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    Adjustable impulse lawn sprinkler for sale, comes with plastic base that can connect with 3/4 inch or 1 inch garden hose. It can automatically rotate 360 degrees for large area irrigation.


    Model T-KN-224
    Spray Diameter 26 - 33 ft. (8 - 10m)
    Spray Range 540 - 800 sq. ft. (50m² - 75m²)
    Flow 0.56m³/h (Under 3kg Water Pressure)
    Water Inlet 3/4 inch
    Body Material ABS
    Dimension 24 *19 * 16cm
    Weight 0.26kg
    Application Used for Lawn irrigation, garden sprinkler, roof cooling, etc.


    Adjustable Impulse Garden Lawn Sprinkler Details

    Adjustable spray range bottom
    Rotate it left or right to adjust the distance of water.
    Water-saving design
    Rotate the switch to change the water range, which helps you save water.
    Adjustable Impulse Garden Lawn Sprinkler Detail Adjustable Impulse Garden Lawn Sprinkler Detail 1
    Adjustable stop block
    The metal hanger can help the water sprinkler rotate 360 degrees when it bounces.
    It can be used for rotating the stop block to control 0 – 340 degrees spray range when put it down.
    Plastic base
    It made from high quality ABS plastic with double water inlet, can enhance work efficiency.
    Adjustable Impulse Garden Lawn Sprinkler Detail-2 Adjustable Impulse Garden Lawn Sprinkler Detail 3


    Adjustable Impulse Garden Lawn Sprinkler Application

    Lawn Sprinkler System

    Several impact lawn sprinklers can be connected as a sprinkler system according to your needs. If there is only a faucet or water hose, the more connections it has, the less pressure it’s spraying.
    Tips: In order to maintain sufficient water output and pressure, it is recommended to use 3/4 or 1 inch water hose to connect the garden sprinklers.

    Connection of Adjustable Impulse Lawn Water Sprinkler

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    Monica | 7/15/2021 8:10 AM
    pretty good
    Been using this impulse lawn sprinkler for a couple of months and it works perfectly in my yard (which is not huge). It's made of durable plastic that attached easily to my hose and the top portion (that twists) spins smoothly.