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    360° Rotating Spike Lawn Sprinkler

    360 degrees automatic rotating lawn sprinkler for sale. Adjustable 3 arm spray head with spike base, can be connected with water hoses as a sprinkler system, convenient for large and small area irrigation.
    SKU: T-KN-286
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    Buy 360° rotating lawn sprinkler with spike base online. Several spike lawn sprinklers can be connected with water hoses as a system for large area irrigation.


    Model T-KN-286
    Spray Diameter 26 - 33 ft. (8 - 10m)
    Spray Range 540 - 800 sq. ft. (50m² - 75m²)
    Flow 0.56m³/h (Under 3kg Water Pressure)
    Body Material ABS Plastic
    Dimension 12.5 *23cm
    Weight 0.1kg
    Application Used for Lawn irrigation, garden sprinkler, roof cooling, etc.


    360 Degrees Automatic Rotating Spike Lawn Sprinkler Details


    360 Degrees Rotating Spike Lawn Sprinkler Application

    360 Degrees Rotating Spike Lawn Sprinkler Application 1

    Lawn Sprinkler System

    Several spike lawn sprinklers can be connected as a sprinkler system according to your needs. If there is only a faucet or water hose, the more connections it has, the less pressure it’s spraying.

    360 Degrees Rotating Spike Lawn Sprinkler System

    Tips: What is the Rotating Lawn Sprinkler?

    A rotating lawn sprinkler rotates the water back and forth on the lawn to form a special circle to disperse the water. It is popular in garden sprinkler, because it can spray water farther than any other stationary sprinklers. In order to take care of the entire garden and lawn, many green thumb gardeners connect several rotating sprinklers together to increase their spraying range. The rotating sprinkler is also good for lawns where moisture does not permeate quickly, such as clay or compacted soil. Because it drops at a lower rate, it takes longer to irrigate. This is helpful for lawn. A slower precipitation rate will allow the soil to absorb water more evenly. If a large amount of water is sprayed once, there will be runoff or ponding. Another benefit of the rotating sprinkler is that it distribute the water evenly, ensuring that every lawn has the same amount of water. For best performance, you will need water pressure to be compatible with the rotary sprinkler.

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    Cassy | 8/5/2021 8:10 AM
    Great sprinkler
    I really like this lawn sprinkler. It works out great and thoroughly waters the grass. Easy to control the amount of water and the space you want to water. I’m very pleased with the product. I would buy more.