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    Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrench, 10"/15"

    Wholesale universal self-adjusting pipe wrench at best price, available in size of 10 inch with jaw capacity 14-30mm and 15 inch with jaw opening 30-60mm, adopts superior cabon steel for enhanced hardness and durability, spring-loaded design and soft TPR non-slip handle to provide easiness and comfort for long time use.
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    • Wholesale price 10"/15" self-adjusting pipe wrench, multi-purpose for gripping bolts, nuts, pipes and others in sizes of 14-60mm.
    • Made of 45# carbon steel, high hardness and good durability.
    • Spring-loaded self adjustable design, allows for automatic adjustment to fit the size.
    • Soft TPR plastic handle provides comfort for long time working.
    • With pry design in the other end of wrench, also can be used as pry bar.


    Model T-ZSBS-10 T-ZSBS-15
    Material 45# carbon steel + TPR handle
    Sizes 10 inch 15 inch
    Overall Length 260mm 380mm
    Jaw Capacity 14-30mm 30-60mm
    Weight 379g 841g

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    Self-adjusting pipe wrench sizes


    Self-adjusting pipe wrench applications

    Tips: Self-adjusting pipe wrench working principle

    The self-adjusting pipe wrench actually has a ratchet structure, a disguised application of friction ratchet. General ratchet structure are the combination of driving wheel and driven wheel in the tool, the active wheel driving driven wheel and driven wheel turning nut again. This kind of self-adjusting pipe wrench actually drives nut rotation directly by the friction of the teeth and nut, simpler in structure than tooth ratchet. The wrench does have the locking claw which may cause problems, with superior structure compared with ratchet wrench, simple and durable. Not like adjustable wrench or ratchet wrench with wearing parts, the self-adjustable pipe wrench is low manufacturing cost.

    The reason why this wrench is called universal wrench is that it can not only tighten or loosen nuts, but also fastening all kinds of things that it can hold, such as pipes, table legs, round, square, polygonal etc. As long as its teeth can hold, it can work. That's the unique feature of it.

    Problem comes, of course. The friction ratchet drives the nut (or other screw) by static friction force; the magnitude of the static friction force is the product of the pressure and friction coefficient, so there must be certain to have friction pressure. However, too large pressure naturally damage the nut, and if the pipe is not enough strong, pipe will be crushed. Therefore, when using the self-adjustable pipe wrench, please pay attention to don't hold the pipe too tight.


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    Vonnie | 11/4/2021 8:57 AM
    Good self-adjusting pipe wrench
    This is a good quality wrench. I encountered a problem when removing the cover of the heat pump drain pan. Other wrenches could not successfully remove the cover, but it succeeded.