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    Air Spray Gun, 500ml, 1.3/1.6mm

    Favorable price HVLP gravity feed air paint spray gun for sale, 500ml, selectable nozzle diameter 1.3/1.6mm, 1/4 inch air inlet, maximun spraying scope 210mm, maximum working pressure 10 PSI, powered by compressed air, fine and even painting.
    SKU: T-ASG-500
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    Buy best HVLP gravity feed air paint spray gun online now. 1.3mm and 16mm pneumatic sprayers are used for painting, car repair, carpentry, furniture, and other metal or plastic products. It is an ideal air tool for spraying job.


    Model T-ASG-500
    Type Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun
    Nozzle Diameter Selection 1.3/1.6 mm
    Maximun Spraying Scope 210 mm
    Spraying Fluid 190 ml/min
    Spraying Cup Capacity 500ml (16.9 Oz)
    Spraying Cup Material Plastic
    Air Consumption 11 CFM
    Working Pressure 10 PSI
    Air Inlet Size 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
    Hose Size 6.5mm
    Power Source Air Powered
    Weight 0.63kg

    Structures of air paint sprayer

    • Paint spraying cup: The paint spraying cup made of high quality PP plastic that is corrosion resistant and sealed. It effectively avoids paint leakage.
    • Adjustable spraying cap: The spraying cap can be adjusted 360 degrees to control the direction of the spraying scope.
    • Starting switch: Press the starting trigger, the paint will spray out.
    • Spraying scope valve: The looser the knob, the smaller the spraying scope, and the tighter the knob, the smaller the spraying width.
    • Spraying fluid valve: The looser the knob, the more paint, the tighter the knob, the less paint.
    • Air pressure valve:You can adjust the air pressure valve to get the good atomization effect and paint saving.
    • Air inlet:The air inlet is designed with integration, you can just connect the air hose to the air compressor to use.


    Details of Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun 500ml 1.3 mm

    Tips: How to Deal with HVLP Air Spray Gun Leakage

    1. Paint leakage at the seal between the nozzle and needle
    Close the air compressor and open the valve of the paint can. Reduce the air pressure of the paint tank to zero to prevent compressed air and coating rushing out during the dismantling of the air tool. Remove the needle and nozzle, check carefully whether the seal between the needle and nozzle is damaged. You need to replace the nozzle, needle and air cap if it is damaged. If the sealing part is not damaged, just clean the needle and nozzle with thinner. It is worth noting that the seal must not be cleaned.

    2. The front end of the air paint sprayer leaks compressed air
    Close the air compressor and open the valve of the paint can. Reduce the air pressure of the paint tank to zero. Pull the air pressure valve out of the spray gun. If the air pressure valve is damaged, you only need to change the seal ring. If the dirt contaminates the seal ring, just clean it.

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    Alessandro 12/10/2020 3:05 AM
    Affordable air spray gun
    I bought an air spray gun for my fiance. When he saw such a low price, he bought it without hesitation. He likes this air spray gun, and the air spray gun has become his favorite. The air spray gun is much better than I expected.
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