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    5-Speed Bench Drill Machine, 13mm, 375W

    Bench drill machine for sale, 5-level variable speed, drilling diameter 13mm, motor power 375W. Drill chuck 1.5mm~13mm, spindle speed 620~2620rpm. 2.5 inch/3 inch flat vise and 3 inch cross bench vise for configuration selection.
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    The bench drill machine is a portable drill press can be used on table or stand on the floor for work. It has 5-speed for drilling speed adjustment and control, drilling capacity is 13mm.


    Model T-BDM-ZJ4113
    A Drilling Diameter 13mm 375W Bench Drill Machine Specification Diagram
    Motor Power 375W
    Rated Voltage 220V 50Hz
    Drill Chuck 1.5-13mm
    Main Shaft Trip 50mm
    B Speed Level 5 levels
    Spindle Speed 620-2620rpm
    Spindle to Beat ≤0.03mm
    Chuck Beat ≤0.15mm
    C Spindle Taper B16
    D Axis to Column Surface 105mm
    E Output Shaft to Workbench Surface 250mm
    F Output Shaft Bottom Seat Surface 330mm
    Table Size 160*162mm
    The Base Size 182*290mm
    G Column Diameter 46mm
    Machine Height 610mm
    H Weight 17kg
    Packing Size 485*360*285mm


    • Bench drill machine with automatic control switch and safety shield, has good safety performance. It integrates the functions of bench drill press and milling machine.
    • Tungsten steel shaft, high-precision diamond chuck, three-jaw clamping more tightly, without falling off the drill.
    • 5-level variable speed, according to hardness of the processed material, select the corresponding speed, so as to obtain the desired effect.
    • The bench drill machine is small in size, simple in operation, easy to maintain, not easy to wear, low in consumable cost, and saves construction time.

    Structure Diagram of 13mm Bench Drill Machine

    Structure Diagram of 13mm Bench Drill Machine

    Overall Dimension Drawing of 13mm Bench Drill Machine

    Dimension Drawing of 13mm Bench Drill Machine

    Tips: What is a bench drill machine?

    Bench drill machine is a small drill press that can be placed on worktable and the main shaft is vertically arranged. Drilling diameter of bench drill machine is generally 13mm~25mm.

    Bench drilling machine motor drives the runner through 5 levels (or 12 levels) speed change, so that the main shaft can change a variety of speeds. The head frame can be moved up and down on the round column, and can be turned to any position around the center of the round column for processing, and adjusted to appropriate position and locked with a handle. Worktable can move up and down on the round column, and can rotate to any position around the column. When locking screw of the locking handle on workbench seat is loosened, workbench can also be inclined 45° to the left and right in vertical plane. If the workpiece is small, it can be drilled on worktable. If the workpiece is large, turn away the worktable and drilling directly on the bottom surface of drill press.

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    Peter | 9/8/2020 2:51 AM
    A question about bench drilling machine
    How to extend the use time of bench drilling machine?
    A manager responded to this review
    After working, the operating handles of the drilling machine must be placed in the "stop" position, the power supply must be cut off, and routine maintenance must be carried out. If it is not used for a long time, oil should be applied to the painted surface of the drill press.