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    16-Speed Bench Drill Press with Laser, 16mm, 1000W

    Reasonable price bench drill press for sale. Laser positioning head. Variable 16-speed, drilling diameter 16mm , drill chuck 3mm~16mm , spindle speed 300~2550rpm . Vise can select 4 inch flat vise/cross bench viser/cross precision bench vise.
    SKU: T-BDM-1000
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    The bench drill press is a table-type drilling machine for channel steel, angle iron, iron block and stainless steel as well as wood. Laser positioning for precision drilling, 16-speed adjustment and high power.


    Model T-BDM-ZJ5116
    A Drilling Diameter 16mm 16mm 1000W Drill Press with Laser Specification Diagram 
    Motor Power 1000W
    Rated Voltage 220V 50Hz
    Drill Chuck 3-16mm
    Main Shaft Trip 80mm
    B Speed Level 16 Levels
    Spindle Speed 300-2550rpm
    Spindle to Beat ≤0.03mm
    Chuck Beat ≤0.15mm
    C Spindle Taper B22
    D Axis to Column Surface 176mm
    E Output Shaft to Workbench Surface 585mm
    F Output Shaft Bottom Seat Surface 1135mm
    Table Size 290*290mm
    The Base Size 448*265mm
    G Column Diameter 80mm
    Machine Height 1600mm
    H Weight 66kg
    Packing Size 1480*680*360mm


    • Bench drill press is a small drill machine, stand design, easy to operate and maintain.
    • Double-lamp laser positioning drilling, high precision, improve work efficiency.
    • Multi-groove 360 ° rotating round bench can be rotated and fixed on the support arm, and install vise and machining parts.

    Structure Diagram of 16mm Bench Drill Press

    Structure Diagram of 16mm 1000 Watt Drill Press

    Dimension Drawing of 16mm Bench Drill Press

    Dimension Drawing of 16mm 1000 Watt Drill Press

    Tips: Precautions in use of bench drill press.

    1. It is strictly forbidden to run the bench drill press in overload, and it is strictly forbidden to processing outside performance range of the drill press.
    2. When loading and unloading the drill, stop the machine before operating. After cleaning the cone surface, drill bit can be installed, and it must be firmly installed. When disassembling the drill bit and drill chuck, use a special inclined iron and copper hammer to remove it.
    3. Fix the workpiece in correct and proper position.
    4. It is strictly forbidden to operate bench drill press with gloves.
    5. When abnormal phenomenon occurs during drill press operation, stop it immediately to find out the cause and eliminate the fault.
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    Ben | 7/13/2021 8:24 AM
    Great bench drill press
    I have been using this 16-Speed bench drill press for a couple of weeks and must say that I'm very pleased with it. For the price, this is great. I am compared with several stores, and this one is really cheap and reliable. It also offers precision and is easy to operate. You will love it too!